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Seventh High Graphics Android Games 2021!

Who says good games with high graphics are only available on consoles and PCs. Even though it has relatively lower specifications for gaming compared to the two, game development on mobile devices such as smartphones and android is growing very rapidly, this is evidenced by the many high graphic android games that are circulating quite a lot in the market.

Not inferior to PCs and consoles, where we will provide some high-graphic android games that you must try. I hope your smartphone doesn’t explode

High Graphics Android Games

1. Moonlight Blade Mobile

Moonlight Blade Mobile - Android Download | TapTap

Developed by Gulong and a team experienced with PC Online games, here comes a new MMORPG game called Moonlight Blade Online. This game is an MMORPG game with high-quality graphics and a variety of cool features that won’t be boring. Starting from fighting, cooking, fishing, to playing with cats can be done in this one game. Not only that, the customization available is quite diverse and you can freely create a variety of beautiful and handsome characters into the world of Moonlight Blade Online!

2. Hijacker Jack – Famous Rich Wanted

Hijacker Jack for Android - APK Download

It is undeniable, this one game has the highest graphics compared to other games. How not, this game uses real graphics or the real world, where players will follow the story of Jack, who initially lived in the forest and had nothing until he became a billionaire and was hunted by others. With your input, you can unlock 4 different stories.

3. Figure Story

FIGURE STORY Gameplay Android / iOS - YouTube

What will happen if the figurine you have turns out to be alive and has powers like the original? Well, maybe this game is the answer, Figure Story is a game where you become the master of the figurines, who will explore the miniature world, here you can use your various characters to destroy evil toys.

4. Noach Hearts

Noah's Heart, Game Mobile Open World MMO Terbaru sedang dalam pengembangan  -

Noah Hearts is an Open World MMORPG game developed by Zulong Entertainment and released by Tencent Games. By using the Unreal 4 Engine, this game produces unique and seamless gameplay that makes players feel like they are living in the MMORPG world. Players can create the character they want, choose 1 of 4 available jobs, and explore the world full of challenges!

5. Wild Born

Wild Born Game Monster Hunter Mobile Baru!

If you are interested in playing a game similar to a monster hunter on Android, then you should try a game called Wild Born. Even though it doesn’t have an English version yet, players can enjoy high-graphics gameplay by playing Wild Born on Android. This game has hundreds of equipment with powerful weapons to enhance your abilities and style. Various weapons such as Burst Sword with saucy combos, accompanied by Sword Shield are also in the game. If you are interested you can download it right now!

6. Punishing: Gray Raven

Review Punishing: Gray Raven, Action RPG "Anime" Berkualitas yang Ringan! -

This anime game has high graphics and is now quite popular among anime fans. Punishing: Gray Raven has the same game as Honkai Impact 3rd and is a game similar to the game developed by miHoyo. Despite getting harsh criticism due to several problems that existed from the beginning of its release, Punishing Gray Raven is still a game that sells well because of the gameplay and graphics it presents.

7. Magatsu Warheit

Android/IOS] Magatsu Wahrheit - RPG Gameplay - YouTube

Magatsu Warheit is one of the Turn-based MMORPG games that are not well known but has great potential. Not only because of the quality of the graphics it has but because of the interesting gameplay. Players can choose 6 jobs such as Wizards, Gunner, Warrior, Priest, Knight, or Hunter in the game. Players can play together with their friends, kill monsters in real-time to get items with a fair gacha system. Unfortunately, this game requires quite a lot of grinding so not many like it.

Those are some android games that have high graphics that can be played for free by the players. Mobile games are now not far behind with games being developed for PC and Consoles. If you are interested in this list, maybe you can check the list of other mobile games that we can recommend for you.

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