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4 Best Games on PC

The situation for PC players is excellent. Indie games that are interesting and experimental? Yup. Strategy simulations with a lot of moving parts? I completely agree. Big-budget console games in their glistening, most admirable forms? They also get a large number of those. Assume you’re a newcomer to the world of high-end PCs. What games should you put on your computer? Start with the ones that have been provided so far in this article.

Total War: Warhammer II:

Total War: Warhammer II:

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There was a lot of fun in the original Total War: Warhammer game for PC. More enhancements make it seem like a brand-new game in comparison to the first one. Warhammer II’s more intriguing, non-humanoid species are well-represented on the map, making for a wide range of gameplay options. More emphasis is placed on precision rather than the tried-and-true Total War steamroller method of capturing as much territory as possible. A thoughtful real-time strategy game, Total War: Warhammer II is a beautiful introduction to the Warhammer world.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon:

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

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Unlike previous Yakuza games, Yakuza: Like a Dragon takes things in a whole new direction on PC gaming. There is no doubt about it: Almost all of Sega’s genre-defying series’ more recent installments are well worth playing on your PC. A newbie must first commit to playing through more than a half-dozen games over several hundred hours of gaming to get up to speed. Instead of schoolwork, becoming like a dragon requires no effort. In this spin-off, a fresh ensemble of characters is included.

As far as game types go, it’s an RPG in the vein of Dragon Quest rather than a large-scale brawler. However, the game has all of the trademarks of the Yakuza series, including comedy, tragedy, and ultimately pointless mini-games. It’s a great spot to begin the series if you’ve never seen it before. In addition, after playing so many of these games, it’s nice to have a change of pace.

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Hades Supergiant’s roguelike based on Greek mythology, Hades, was born in the crucible of roguelike development. The result is that, like many previous genre greats, you’ll die a lot as you go through level after level of randomly generated monsters in an increasingly difficult dungeon.

However, Hades adds a new twist to a tried-and-true template by strongly emphasizing the story for PC setup. You take on the role of Prince Zagreus, the deceased father’s son. On the surface, your objective is to get out of the underworld—and your father’s oppressive rule. You’re aided in your journey by the Olympian gods in the traditional Homeric manner (Zeus, Athena, Dionysus, and the like). You’ll learn more about these gods and others from the Greek pantheon as you go through the game.

 As a result, the characters’ relationships with Zagreus become more realistic and developed with each new run. Playing in Hades gives you more than simply experience points or better weapons. In addition, you’ll get credit for a fantastic tale.

Cities: Skylines:

Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines was a fantastic if a little quirky, city-building game when it originally debuted in 2015 for PC. Although the traffic mechanic was shown to be a fraud, it caught urban planning in all of its nitty-gritty details, including zoning districts, plumbing layouts, bike lane construction, and tax policy refinement. Since then, Skylines has grown into one of the finest city-building games on the marketplace.

Many of the problems were worked out via patches. The construction brought winter weather, nocturnal weather changes (complete with stunning sunset views), and an abundance of public transportation choices, which would make any urbanist cry with pleasure. But it was the modders that drove the actual change. Nearly every aspect of Skylines has been enhanced by enterprising modders.

Mods include graphical improvements, unique structures, larger areas, and alterations to the game’s mechanics. A few of them even bulldoze abandoned buildings for you, making the most laborious aspect of the game a thing of the past. So, you get to create cities while simultaneously getting a taste of being a deity.

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