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5 Best Most Played Crime Games

Video games are all about fantasy and always have been. We enter virtual worlds to battle evil and kill monsters, pick up tasty loots, or go online for war. They’re an opportunity to do something we typically don’t do – including crime games.

In this sense, crime-focused games are top-rated — it is (hoped) not something you would try in actual life. Gamers have pushed the boundaries of ruthless behavior and overall toughness since RPG Game Grand Theft Auto encouraged players to acquire as many Wanted Stars as possible.

Here, we have brought our list of the most significant crime games you can play, such as GTA – and at least one of them is inevitable that you will make a proposal you cannot deny.

Red Dead Redemption 2:

Red Dead Redemption 2

First on our list of best crime games. Rockstar Crime Games did several notable works. Their favorite long-run titles are Grand Theft Auto, Bully’s one IP version, and their ancient western series Red Dead Redemption to mention just a few. Red Dead Redemption! Red Dead Redemption has a considerable track record, and players worldwide can undoubtedly expect new details for their latest installment, Red Dead Redemption 2, from Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption 2.

A collaboration with an outlaw called Arthur Morgan and the Va der Linde gang is progressing during the game. This would seem like a nasty Western person. You may expect a few random meetings to be taking place outside the main storyline if it is comparable to the original Red Dead Redemption together with Grand Theft Auto V. Although Arthur can be guided more ethically sound, the game offers players many possibilities to spend their lives as merciless lawlessness that continuously runs. Download

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Grand Theft Auto V:

Grand Theft Auto V

At this time, there’s not much to say about the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Each game in the series becomes a defining title for consoles, packaging content titles and leaving a wealthy community that prospered for years after it was launched. It was the most famous and insane view of crime games that went uncontrolled, and the announcement that the legendary name will be transferred to the PlayStation 5 means there is no better time to explore the critical game again. Download



Judgment is a gripping perspective on the genre of crime games that the same crew of the Yakuza series has put together. Judgment is based on a sequence of yakuza killings that lead to an inquiry into who’s behind these killings. It’s a profound game that requires solving issues much as fighting. This crew is used to telling a distinct turn of the corrupt stories. One of the most sensitive aspects of Judgment is the protagonist, a private investigator and former lawyer who is entirely out of his body as he dives into the dark underbelly. Download

Max Payne 3:

Max Payne 3

First, in 2001 Max Payne entered the market, but we look at the newest installments, Max Payne 3, to keep things somewhat fresh. The video game started in 2012 and will take place almost ten years after the Max Payne 2 events. Again players play the character of the former detective Max Payne who is now a private security contractor. Max Payne is stuck between death and betrayal in this franchise edition in a fresh new assignment. Download

Batman: Arkham City:

Batman: Arkham City:

Last on our list of best crime games. With all its Arkham video games, Rocksteady Studios have hit it out of the park. The Batman universe is outstanding, but only deep and satisfactory titles give an excessive understanding of the criminal situation in a location as chaotic as Gotham City. All of the installments on the series focus on crime, although the formula is probably taken from Batman: Arkham City. It extends the sandpit over Arkham Asylum and displays a ruined town. Download

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