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Deathloop: The Honest Review

As a result of this, they are built to encourage win-lose scenarios, as well as trial and error in the development process. Deathloop accepts it wholeheartedly. Only up to a certain point Dying is essential to the game’s plot and enjoyment. Even if it was to get out of the purgatory of 1960s pastiche as Colt Vahn does, breaking the loop would have been satisfying because it would mean I could put the game down knowing that most of its possibilities were exhausted.

What at first appeared to be a blank canvas turned out to be a paint-by-numbers project, and the image that emerged felt familiar. When Colt was first hired, he served as the head of security for the AEON Program, a cult-like organization run by eccentric members of society who identify as Visionaries and command a masked lackey force known as Eternalists. They are bolstered by two of the most memorable game performances in recent memory, as well as one of the least cringe-worthy scripts of the era.

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The anomaly powering the time loop has given some of the AEON Program’s eight remaining leaders strange powers, which Colt must use to escape eternity. Deathloop is both thrilling and intimidating simultaneously, but it’s not as free-flowing or ambiguous as it appears at first.

As a result of the Deathloop’s structure, I was compelled to follow it. At this point, you have earned the ability to use Slabs, which are infusions of weapons, upgrades, and powers that you can carry from loop to loop as part of your loadout.


When you collect glowing psychedelic material from random objects or the remains of Visionaries in Deathloop, you get Residuum, a resource you can use to enhance your weapons. Some of the other powerful abilities include the Aether, which makes you virtually unseeable, as well as a grenade-like Karnesis, which allows you to toss your opponents into the air, where they will explode like a grenade when they land.

While not terrible, it is not as exciting as some of the other things you can do in Blackreef, which I can imagine. Most of the time, the most efficient way to complete this grind involves Shifting to the Visionary’s location, killing everyone in the area, and then Shifting back to the exit. If you are going to have fun shooting in Deathloop, I hope the information you are looking for is more important than whether or not a gun is blue, purple, or gold. It took me a long time to get the upper hand on Charlie because I was relying on sneaking up behind him and escaping through the back.

In Deathloop, the stakes are as low as possible, but you have access to an arsenal of weapons in case things go south. After a long quest, you can launch Charlie’s game and kill him, but you have to wait for a long time to find out how, and by then, it’s kind of anticlimactic. You have already overcome the loop’s primary threats and complexities long before you manage to break free. If you play the game online, another player will control Julianna when she invades, which is a significant improvement over the game’s previously predictable enemy AI.

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To raise the late-game stakes, Deathloop has come up with a novel approach. The more you play as Colt and succeed in “protecting the loop,” the better weapons and abilities Julianna unlocks. This is the first new multiplayer mode in a while that I have found myself going back to repeatedly, even though it’s not as seamlessly integrated or rewarding as the primary campaign’s progression.

With games like Dishonored, Deus Ex, and others that immerse you in a strange world, you are left to fend for yourself with only the tools, weapons, and abilities you have acquired. A professional can handle this as if you were a teenager with a lot of money in your pocket left off at the mall with no responsibilities. I feel like anything is possible, including buying a soda and a pizza to pass the time while getting into trouble with the rental cops.

Killing can be as creative as destructive on the island in the Deathloop, with its playgrounds brimming with a stunning level of detail. There’s a distinct impression that Arkane took some of Frank Loyd Wright’s houses and dropped them on the Faroe Islands. While the juxtapositions are stunning, you may get the feeling you’re exploring the shadows of a multi-Airbnb billionaire rather than a cultural revolution. This does not diminish the fact that it’s a good game, but it has the potential to be even better.


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