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Games That Cost Money vs Earn Money

Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are staying at home playing online games. People used to think that games were just entertainment, however, nowadays, money has a significant role in games. The evolution of online games have made way for games that cost you money, like P2W games (Pay to Win). Here in this article we will discuss the games that cost us money and earn us income.

Pay to Win Games

Pay-to-win games are games that make game advantage a commodity. The form of advantage can be in the form of premium items (be it equipment, characters, items, pets, and friends) that function better than free items or in the form of ‘steroids’ to speed up progress in the game.

Maybe indeed a number of games openly sell premium items that function better than free ones and these items cannot be obtained without paying. However, not a few free game publishers and developers are now getting smarter not to overtly sell these items and obscure the pay-to-win concept. Many of the term ‘free-to-play’ games are currently misleading). The reason for this is because most of the free-to-play games now have limited the amount of time you play every day — with limited stamina, energy, or whatever you call it. Even just to play, you have to pay if you want a longer time. At least, back in the era of free games on PC, most of them allowed you to grind/farm 24 hours non-stop. Now, in these pay-to-win games, you basically can play free but just the “teaser” of the real game. In order to access the “real” games, you will have to pay more. These updates are sometimes called DLC (downloadable content).

Games That Earn Money

Vice versa with the pay to win games, there are also games which can be used as a source of your income. The examples of these games are MarketGlory, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and of course, the most famous of all is online casinos.  Online Casino is an online game that can give you prizes in very large amounts with a system as the name suggests, called a casino. You will be given hundreds of game choices ranging from card games (black jack, poker, hold’em), slot machines, and other unique games that can give you more than enough income just by playing games. Not only can you make money, the games here are also quite fun and challenging which can make you more curious to keep trying and trying again. In these online casino games, you can play anytime without any limitation for the time, stamina or energy like in P2W games. You also are not required to have a specific amount of credit for withdrawing your prize, which means you trade it whenever you want.

One of the most played games in online casinos is slot casinos online. In slot casinos online, there are many ways to gamble your money which can be found by every gambler who plays the game. When playing, if the gambler hits the characters or labels or icons on the same line consecutively, then what happens is the gambler will get the chance to achieve a jackpot. You can play this kind of game at Teen Patti at In slot game operations, it is the betting and gambling game operation that increase entertainment for its customers. Based on this, what we can do to win depends on our luck.

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