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How to Play Region-Specific Games Anywhere

Many gamers have been trying to find a way to play a foreign games. Sometimes a game is released specifically in a certain region, hence we need to be that country citizen to play that game. Region specific games exist because games are priced quite differently in different parts of the world. For instance, you can usually purchase games far cheaper in the country of Russia than you can in the United States. The games also can restrict the languages that a game supports. For instance, games purchased in Russia must be played in Russian (Russia Language). This means the games are not really for sale to gamers in other regions (unless they speak Russian).

Another reason for region specific games is cultural reasons. Some games just are not  available or banned in some regions, because the content of the game is containing something that has been banned or would be offensive to gamers in those regions. Now, this kind of region specific game has been bugging gamer’s minds for decades. However,  with the advance of technology nowaday, there is a way to surpass all of that limitation, by using VPN Change Location. Let’s say the game was limited only to the United States of America, now even though we are currently in the United Kingdom, with VPN, the game will recognise us as in the USA even though we are in our bed in the UK.

How can VPN allow us to play these games?

Theoretically, a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a remote server that you will set your PC (Personal Computer) or mobile phone, in order to connect to. This was done before you connected to the internet. Your connection will be routed through this VPN server, which provides you with several benefits.

The first and the most important benefit for playing games that are region-specific is getting a new IP address. When you connect your console to games or other internet services, they will request your IP address, and after identifying your IP address, they will deny you if you’re in an area on their blacklist. Now after using a VPN, the VPN’s IP address is what it is being  given rather than your IP address.

Good VPN services will provide a variety of different servers from different countries throughout the world. You can freely navigate around the original restrictions as if you were a citizen in that region.

Other Benefits of VPN in Games

If you are playing more competitive games, a VPN becomes even more important because the anonymity of the VPN will prevent many malicious activities, for example, DDoS (Direct Denial of Service) attacks or even the insertion of bad data into your internet. These kinds of things can knock you offline or even destroy your hardware device.

Game events are mostly public, and if the WIFI connection is not properly secured, it can give you a lot of trouble unless you are using a VPN. Even little kids have been able to hack into others’ systems in just under 15 minutes on unsecured connections.

Besides those, many game manufacturers use what is called IP bans. IP Bans are used as a way to keep users out of a game, or if they violate the terms of service and other rules.

There are also some cases where users will get IP banned for no reason. Some bans are not permanent. Usually the ban is about a week of time out (mostly because of bad behaviour), while other bans can be permanent.

As a matter of fact, it is not a good idea to violate any terms of service or other rules in the game. However, if you did find your IP has been banned for some reason, connecting via a VPN will give you a new IP address so you can easily withstand the ban.

Please be note that many games actually ban the use of VPN. However, a good quality VPN has enough servers that your IP is banned forever, you can just try to connect to other server that VPN provided.

Just make sure that you are careful when choosing which one is the most reliable VPN; there are some free and not expensive options available on the internet, however those kinds sometimes have slow connections which can interfere with a game. HEnce, a paid VPN is usually more reliable for gamers.

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