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1638750cookie-checkMassively Beloved GTA Mod Taken Down, Modders Claim “Increasing Hostility” From Take-2

Massively Beloved GTA Mod Taken Down, Modders Claim “Increasing Hostility” From Take-2

Back in July, when the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take-Two, increased attempts to download popular modifications, the GTA modding community was thrown into panic. Although the business isn’t foreign to modifications that exceed that invisible line for the publisher, these efforts seem to have increased tremendously with a more active approach to the modding community over the last year. After the popular GTA Underground mod had already been removed from ModDB due to the company’s DMCA strike earlier this year, the team opted to withdraw the mod completely owing to the parent company’s “increase in animosity.”

GTA Underground modding team has taken the GTAForums:


The GTA Underground modding team has taken the GTAForums to update its July message: “Due to the growing hostility towards the modding community and the imminent danger to our mental and financial well-being, we are announced to stop developing GTA: Underground officially and will soon take all official uploads offline.”

We want to thank the community for their tremendous support over the last several years and for our brilliant modding crew for the amazing effort, commitment, and wonderful moments we have had together.” This article continues.

The team further emphasized that the decision did not imply the organization would dissolve. Instead, they try to create their own game completely, which you can discover more in the video at the top of the post about the end of Underground.

The modding community has already combined monitoring which modifications survive and which are not the wave of bans here.

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Rockstar Perspective:


The first ban wave mostly targets complete conversion modes or multiplayer settings to prevent scams. In 2017, Rockstar modified their support website with the following statement about one-player modes (later revised in 2019) and whether certain mods were excluded from the download:

Rockstar Games believes in acceptable fan creation and wants to show creators their enthusiasm for our games in particular. After talks with Pursue-Two, Take-Two has agreed that, in general, it would not take legal action against third-party initiatives using single-player, non-commercial PC games by Rockstar that respect third-party intellectual property (IP) laws. (ii) tools, files, libraries, or features that may have an impact on multiplayer or online services; (iii) the use or import of other IPs (including other Rockstar IPs) in the project; or (iv) the creation of new games, stories, missions, or maps.

This does not include multiplayer or online services. This is not a license and does not represent a third-party project’s support, approval, or authorization. Take-Two retains the right to object to or revisit, revoke and remove the statement at its discretion at any time. This declaration does not represent a renunciation of Take-right Two’s third-party initiatives.

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No modification would be permitted to make new games and material utilizing Rockstar IPs, such as the revision modes that offer fresh content and ‘imports of other IPs,’ such as the port for Liberty City and Vice City Stories. This updated language was not discovered in the original 2017 edition and explained why certain modifications were taken several weeks.

GTA 6 Rumours:


Grand Theft Auto 6 is frequently discussed; it is a minefield of leaks, rumours, and false reports, but the current attacks on mods appear to feed those GTA 6. A significant part of the GTA community believes that this wave of bans suggests that Rockstar protects the property more because of anything connected to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto. Others believe that this may indicate a potential refurbishment or remaster, and that’s why the earlier modifications are abruptly pulled down. We have nothing but questions, but if there is a larger cause for the increased enthusiasm, we are interested in seeing it.

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