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The Best Games for the Xbox Series X and S

When a new console generation debuts, expect a whole new set of games. Microsoft’s Xbox X and S series consoles aren’t quite there yet, at least not now. There aren’t many games that will only be available on the next-generation consoles. Xbox titles have been released in both previous generation and next-generation versions recently.

While this is going on, a small number of Xbox One classics have been “adapted” for the Series X and S. resolutions that are more detailed and have faster frame speeds. Some natural treasures may be found among the roughly 30 “optimized” games. These games are theoretically playable on other systems, but they run much faster on the current ones.

Because the Xbox One X and S are essentially beefed-up Xbox Ones, you won’t be short of great titles to play on them. If a game was playable on Xbox One, it’s likely to be playable on Xbox Series X and S as well. (As a result, here are our picks for the greatest Xbox One games.) There’s also the issue of Game Pass, a little subscription service.

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From Forza Horizon 4 to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and more, you’ll get access to over 100 Xbox titles for just $10 a month with the Xbox Game Pass subscription. (Hey, check out this gallery of Game Pass’s most notable titles.) We’ve compiled a list of the top Xbox One X and S titles in light of this.

Hitman 3:

Hitman 3: Deadly Assault

Hitman 3 is a fast-paced game for its genre. The mission of worldwide superspy Agent 47 is wide-ranging and open-ended. This game’s locations are as diverse as the previous two in the Hitman series—and as varied as any espionage movie ever made. (Hitman 3 lets you bring your progress from past games into the game.)

Many third-person games are about ducking and dodging, but Hitman 3 requires you to examine your surroundings for information, learn about the people you’re hunting for, and kill them all while taking their clothes. The shooting mechanics aren’t as good as, say, Uncharted, even though you have a gun. The majority of the time, it’s preferable to play covertly. This results in an intense cat-and-mouse game, even when you’re just slowly making your way across an overcrowded dance floor.

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Gears 5:

Gears of War 5

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Gears 5 will most likely live up to your expectations. Except for Gears Tactics (see below), every previous Gear of War game has been a cover-based third-person shooter featuring characters with alarmingly enormous biceps. Gears 5 got a facelift to coincide with the Xbox One X and S. This included improved graphics and overall performance. Gears 5 now runs at 120 frames per second on suitable screens, making it one of the best-looking games on consoles right now.

The hefty Hivebusters addition was released in early December, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can get it for free. Assembled by a team of three non-main cast members, Hivebusters adds a new perspective to an old game by adding unique fighting abilities—such as one that replenishes your ammunition. Although Gears 5 was published in 2019, it has the impression of a brand-new game.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising:

Immortals Fenyx Rising:

Despite its utterly absurd moniker, don’t be misled. One of the finest open-world action RPGs on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 is Immortals Fenix Rising. Immortals, a video game developed by Ubisoft, places you in the shoes of Fenyx, a mythical Greek warrior trapped on the Golden Isle after a shipwreck. There’s no one left on the island now; the Olympian gods have lost their powers, and Typhon, the all-powerful monster from Greek mythology, has escaped from his inexorably closing cage.

You’re the only one who can make things right. Immortals, like many other games, draw heavily on Greek mythology. Those who have played a Ubisoft game in the last decade will recognize the on-the-fly sword-swinging, but it’s interspersed with an impressive number of physics-based environmental puzzles that seem right at home with Breath of the Wild from Nintendo. While Immortals does not create the wheel, it does mix components from many classic games in a way that leaves a lasting impact.

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