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Top 5 Best Indie Stealth Games You Should Play

Stealth games are not confined to titles of notable names. Some of the tensest and most thrilling moments of the game are for lovers of titles like Assassin’s Creed, Hitman, and Payday 2 when players tiptoe around their goals without raising any suspicion. These titles, however, are not the only ones that have perfected video games’ use of stealth.

Over the years, many fun independent developers have launched many stealth games, whether these situations are done by themselves or by pals. Here are some of the most substantial indie games for individuals who think they’re as stealthy as possible.

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Thief Simulator:

Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator is rather self-explaining on the surface. Players play a robber role, trying to rob individuals of stolen things for money. So, what else does the game have to offer? A lot. A lot. This one of the stealth games allows great players to continue by providing more facilities, new items, and abilities to do other things, including vehicle theft. Of course, as a thief, they’re stubborn, or soon the cops’ tail. Download

Mark of the Ninja:

Mark of the Ninja

Those versatile people at Klei Entertainment feature in our list for their second time – of course, they have several hidden blades in their sheathing. While Invisible Inc. is an independent game focusing on tactics and significant decisions, Mark of Ninja creates a 2D platformer for mechanics from stealth games.

Lighting, sound, and concealment are essential since your stay in the shadows, bounce between the points of view before falling with shurikens, swords, and smoke bombs on your victim. It is a mechanically easy thing, enables you to plan and concentrate on quick 3-4 steps of killing and jumping – jumping down, killing, rolling through shadows, and killing more. Download

The 2D plane provides a great emphasis on the stealthy gameplay, allowing you to evaluate thoroughly and calmly all viable methods for dealing with impediments. Mark’s Ninja is a unique combination of both stealth games and 2D platforms.

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Hitman 3:

Hitman 3

The only game from all the stealth games that typically does not incorporate the idea of stubbornness is perhaps the only one. Hitman 3 rewards players again for maintaining Agent 47 as the last part of the trilogy of the “World of Assassination.” Even if your seven-foot assassin is constantly apparent, one of the NPCs in the game seldom realizes how lethal it is, the shine of the sequel – and the whole franchise.

Come into a nightclub in Berlin, and utilize the sweaty loudness of the sweaty ravers to block out the shots. Dress like a detective in a magnificent English mansion before diving into a complex murder case. The gyro? Agent 47 finally plays Killer’s part, not Columbo. Enter a rich Italian vineyard and then squeeze your victim into an enormous grape press, dressed as a gardener. Hitman 3 is only a change of clothing, devious death, and assassinating social stealth.


The Blackout Club:

The Blackout Club

This is a scary online game that gamers may enjoy. A group of four teens working together in a neighborhood where an unfamiliar person goes to sleep and disappears overnight to show what is happening or stop them.

The essential aspect of the game’s stealth is that players will only be able to see the monster while they close their eyes. This makes it even more important to play together, so nobody gets caught when they sneak and try to stop it.




Almost everything in the interior world is unbelievably troubling, but in this case, it’s fantastic. This provides players with a greater desire to strive and remain alive in this environment that tries to stop them; an aesthetic in stealth games.

Inside, the story tells many inquisitive and uncomfortable people about what’s going on until the game finishes. Each small piece of the jigsaw concerning the plot of this game has so many additional issues to answer. It keeps the players at the edge since the game’s story is one thing: don’t get captured.


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