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VR Technology In Video Game Industry

What is VR (Virtual Reality)? Virtual reality is a technology that allows users to interact with the environment in a virtual environment. After being developed over the years, VR can now be enjoyed widely used at an economical price, using high-quality equipment that is easily accessible. Virtual reality works by manipulating the human brain so that it seems as if virtual things feel like real things. In short, it created a world that is simulated by a computer, so that users feel they are in that environment. This has been a great new form of entertainment, where many things are being done from our home. One of the more popular use cases it it’s implementation in video games. Many video game companies adapt this new technology, wishing to break a barrier between the real world and digital world. Triple A titles like Skyrim, Tales of Glory, Batman: Arkham or even other forms of entertainment like virtual online casino can really benefitted of this technology. Looking back to how it is now, the future looks very promising.

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VR Games

Virtual Reality devices nowadays are more focused on making games that make users feel like they are entering the game. Virtual Reality is designed to ‘deceive’ the perception of the brain. Playing VR games makes the brain send certain signals such as alertness and fear to all parts of the body according to the scene seen from inside the VR device. Of course this is a challenge for device users to stay focused while playing games at the same time the brain sends alert signals throughout the body. 

There are various kinds of Virtual Reality games, one of which is Richies Plank Experience which stimulates the adrenaline of users who are afraid of heights above. By loading artificial reality, VR games can display various kinds of scenes that some people are afraid of, such as views from the top of buildings or even views in the ocean. This is used as a means of therapy for a person to learn to face the greatest fears from within. In Richies Plank Experience, you can do everything, like adjusting the plank, the size, height, dimension. You will feel like you are indeed in a high place.

There are also action games, like Batman: Arkham Knight VR. This Batman game is played using a first person point of view. It is one of the most sold Playstation VR games. In this game, you will feel like a Batman, by jumping, punching, and gliding from building to building. The VR in these games allow us to feel the levitate and gravity of what Batman feels every time he does that.

Arguably the best implementation of VR in games in Astro Bot Rescue Mission VR. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is a Virtual Reality game which is only exclusive in PSVR (Playstation Virtual Reality). This game brings a fun feel to the game making it suitable for all ages. In this game, players will play as Astro, the Bot captain who is tasked with carrying out epic rescue missions against other Bots scattered throughout space. The implementation makes us use the Dualshock really like our own hands, and makes our head never stop tilting as we have to adjust to what the astro boy is doing. In conclusion, VR is basically a system where a reality is being made artificially. We can feel like we are in another world, even though we are actually staying in our room. It can help stimulate various brain cells, especially in games.

Final Say

Virtual Reality Technology gives us a glimpse of what the future holds. Once it can be adopted to the masses, no doubt there will be more and more implementations moving forward. Even in its early stage, big players like Oculus, Playstation, and also other PC culture companies will surely try to bring it to the table. This means a win for both consumer and the content creator. With no signs of slowing down, the advancement of other technologies like wireless data transfer, better graphics or stronger SoC will surely give VR a boost it needs to appeal to even more people.

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