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Best Simulation Games 2021 (PS)

The greatest simulation games enable us to experience some of the more bizarre aspects of life without having to explain our strange new job or lifestyle choices to our bewildered loved ones. Whether you wish to live the life of a farmer, construct a large metropolis, or run a tiny TV station, you’ll find something to love here.

New tools and game production software have made it simpler for independent companies to experiment with technical concepts and make the game mechanics of power washers extremely enjoyable. The most excellent simulator games bucket is now complete.

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Rather than narrative, immersive simulators like Dishonored or comedic titles that seem to have been created only to settle a drunken bar bet, this list of the greatest simulator games only includes detailed simulations of an activity. There are a variety of strangely pleasant time-killers available here, all of which will provide you with a glimpse into another universe. Don’t blame us if you decide to quit your day job and become a pilot instead.

Project Cars 2:

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 improves on its predecessor’s racing simulation games by adding additional realism levels. The game’s ultimate goal is to be as realistic as possible, which is why it has enhanced vehicle handling and a new weather system that accounts for everything from the time of day to the season to the elevation of the track above sea level.

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Despite this, Mad Studios never loses sight of an essential aspect of the game: the sheer adrenaline rush that comes from racing around the world’s most renowned circuits in over 180 real-life supercars from the Mad Studios stable. Project Cars 2 lets you live out your racing dreams whether you’re driving alone or competing online in the game’s Online Championship mode.

Two Point Hospital:

Two Point Hospital

For fun, you’ll have to make sure the new clinic you build for Two Point County can handle any new ailment its residents bring in, whether it’s Floppy Discs, Cubism, or even the terrible Night Fever!

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The objective of this management sim is to maintain a healthy budget-to-demand ratio while steadily expanding your healthcare business. In many ways, Two Point is a spiritual sequel to 1997’s Theme Hospital, sharing much of its beloved predecessor’s gameplay, graphics, and comedy. With its focus on wit and humor, Two Point Studios’ opus rapidly picks up the pace and forces you to make fast choices to reach your goals as soon as possible. Two Point Hospital is a very contagious business sim if you’re searching for a challenge with a good heart.

Planet Coaster:

Planet Coaster

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Would you want to be in charge of your amusement park? Do you aspire to be a ‘roller coaster tycoon?’ You can do precisely that in Planet Coaster. With the help of Frontier Developments (the same team behind Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 in 2004), you’ll be tasked with constructing the most exhilarating rides for your brand-new amusement park. Many aspects of the game harken back to its famous predecessor, including the opportunity to ride your roller coaster inventions. Despite this, Planet Coaster’s highs and lows are a unique and often tricky simulator experience for anyone unfamiliar with the theme park genre.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam:

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2 is as brutal as its predecessor, except this action takes place during the Vietnam War. An unofficial mix of first-person shooters like Call of Duty and military simulations such as ARMA rewards tactical play over the use of overwhelming weaponry to achieve victory. Tripwire Interactive wants you to feel like a real soldier instead of portraying you as a superman who can handle everything except programmed nuclear explosions.

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That means more often than not; you’ll be dodging or flanking your opponents with your squad members while hiding in foxholes or calling in napalm attacks. As a consequence, you’re immersed in a realistic combat simulation that feels visceral and stressful.

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