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Resident Evil 4 | OneAngryGamer Honest Review (VR)

To date, I have played hundreds of VR games on various platforms, but this was the first one where I removed my headset to relax. The immediate shock and horror of the home invasion are still with us. It’s a part of the experience. This time around, I was armed with my trusty Oculus Quest 2 and G Pro X headphones for an immersive experience in the world of Resident Evil 4. Although the Oculus Quest 2 is not often considered a popular gadget, it is a system-seller in my book. After all this time, a virtual reality version of an outdated game is the best VR offers? That, however, is just a portion of the tale.

As a result, I believe VR would have had an easier time breaking into the market and capturing the attention of individuals who grew up with those classics and now had more cash to spend. Let’s focus on Resident Evil 4 for a moment. You have the option of quickly switching between standing and seated modes (the latter puts your gun and ammo holsters closer to your chest). If you are prone to motion sickness, there are a variety of controls you may adjust to account for tunneling (which reduces the immersion while turning or moving), your dominant hand and more.

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The latest trend in shooters, immersive object snatching, may be the most helpful feature to the Resident Evil 4. It was a no-brainer for me to choose the former, and it changed everything. You have the option of going back to the old school and healing and reloading through menus if you so desire. Although the QTEs are almost identical, with trigger pressing and wriggling in tow, they are so sparse that they do not spoil the game; moreover, there’s a toggle for greater comfort with them – everything felt new in VR.

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The first thing I noticed was how much simpler it was to use the knife now that it was permanently attached to my chest. Having complete control makes blade runs a more tempting possibility while playing Resident Evil 4, which I meant by changing how I played the game. The only issue was that I wanted to punch windows out physically, but I had to use the knife instead, just like in the original. It makes complete sense to adhere to the original’s guidelines in this situation.

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As a result, relatively few aspects of the original have been included in the remake. A more purist approach is brilliant because the VR control method is the main selling point and works excellently with the original’s robust framework and character-driven environments. You cannot put into words what it’s like to gaze down on the gondola area or up at the castle from a complete head tracking perspective. I am not embarrassed to confess that I shouted some foul language (a wolf jumping right at my face after turning my head around while running forward and the Regenerator above pop-up).

I have been known to get frozen in mid-decision due to a character model’s intimidating stature or the sound they produce. VR power in action, and something the industry has done a poor job at marketing over the last few years, to say the least”. As soon as I completed the game on the easy setting, I was able to buy the Matilda and unlimited rocket launcher equipment, as well as the first set of additional outfits.

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Resident Evil 4

I would have rated this VR version a 10 if the side material had been included. I am using a pointer in a game that was already significantly altered your experience because of the Wii version. As of right now, I want this approach for all of the Resident Evil games. Bring Dino Crisis back to life so I can glance back and see a T-Rex charging at me while walking in the distance.

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