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Unsighted: OneAngryGamer Honest Review

While in the dystopian world of Arcadia (Unsighted), you play Alma, an amnesic robot who looks and acts like a human. A less personal, but no less troubling, issue is that Anima is running low in the city of automatons. In other words, you and everyone else on a planet already overrun with these horrible creatures are on borrowed time.

In some tales, you are racing against the clock, yet you have an infinite amount of time in reality? NPCs that provide quests, store owners, and even your Navi-style fairy robot companion are all in danger of becoming Unsighted due to the game’s Unsighted bug. A day/night cycle in-game clock and a contact list of everyone you meet in the game help you keep track of how much time is left.

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While playing Unsighted, I was concerned that I would have to rush through a beautiful world to save as many lives as possible. This would be ideal in context, but you have the option to take your time in the game. Days go by much more quickly than in real life, but not so quickly that you feel compelled to speedrun the journey to finish it.

Even while I have taken my time to explore Arcadia fully, I have also found it to be a fascinating challenge to see how fast I can go through dungeons without skimping on hidden treasures and enhancements.

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Finding meteor dust, a rare resource that adds 24 hours to everyone’s clock, will allow you to prolong your own and others’ lives. When you give shopkeepers meteor dust, their favor for you rises, and you get discounts as a result. As a result of its enjoyable problems, this system is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you aid a friend or a merchant, your motivation should be clear: do you want the equipment for yourself or your favorite side character? Knowing how little time you have left with even the most pointless NPC instills a feeling of urgency and purposelessness.


It was then that I realized how little time he had left, and I resolved to do everything in my power to ensure he lived long enough to pet a dog. Because of this, there are some reasons to go back and play Unsighted after the credits have rolled. Though no one has died yet (although an old farmer is on the verge of passing away), I have decided that if anybody dies, they die, and I want to follow the narrative through to the end, no matter what happens. You are allowed to mix and combine Alma’s melee and guns as you see appropriate.

A giant shuriken may strike far switches or transport fire to torches as part of a puzzle. You can change the look and feel of Alma to fit your preferences by using various chips that grant bonuses such as increased health and stamina or buffs such as health-draining attacks or faster reload times. Additional benefits such as enhanced attack power for a certain number of swings or the ability to be revived after death are provided by temporary cogs. Alma’s fluid, graceful movements are an excellent complement to the fighting.

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Because she moves running, jumping, and climbing, you will soon find yourself happily navigating about the map and hacking opponents to scrap. Even though platforming is unexpected in a game from this point of view, Unsighted keeps things interesting. In this top-down Metroidvania, your primary objective is to gather five meteor shards, each of which is guarded by a powerful enemy. Until you buy or find a weapon to remove a barrier from your path, you may go after shards in any order you want. Unsighted is a tonne of fun. The action is fast-paced, and the ticking clock adds a sense of urgency to the proceedings. A fascinating planet and mythology are presented attractively.

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