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Best Xbox Series S Games 2021

Xbox Series S games aren’t just for the latest consoles; they’re also excellent on older platforms as well. Even though it may seem strange, Microsoft has made an effort to ensure that all the top Xbox Series S games function on the last-generation Xbox One, albeit with minor optimization and occasionally inferior performance. The Xbox One’s compatibility with next-generation titles via Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is likely to alter in the future, but for the time being, expect some crossover while we’re still in the middle of the transition between console generations.

The finest Xbox Series S games also include some of the best Xbox One titles, but here we’ve focused on games that illustrate what this newest, fastest technology can do. We understand that you want to show off the best visual experience and have the best performance. Therefore each game is a good title in its own right. After all, isn’t that the whole point of having the latest and greatest technology?

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It’s essential to remember those game improvements for the best Xbox Series S games can differ significantly. Instead of focusing on 4K resolutions while maintaining high frame rates, the Xbox Series S prioritizes 1080p. For the best Xbox Series S games, please keep reading to see our complete list of the top-rated games for that system right now.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is incredible when it comes to price. Numerous Halo games, such as Combat Evolved Anniversary, Anniversary 2, Halo 3, and ODST, all include a lot of material, so there’s plenty to keep you occupied. For newbies, it’s nearly too much to handle.

The game has been upscaled for the Xbox One in addition to running at 120 frames per second in both single-player and multiplayer modes and supporting high resolution on the Xbox Series S. The series itself is excellent, with some of the best first-person shooting you’ll find on consoles and a plot rich in lore. Even though the oldest game in the series has been out for over two decades, the excellent game design has held up exceptionally well, and this game still seems new.

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Gears 5:

Gears 5

In addition to supporting 4K resolution, HDR, and a frame rate increase of up to 120 frames per second (FPS), Gears 5 marks the series’ apex. Following Kait Diaz, as she investigates the origins of the Locust and her tangled family history, this game has a more open-ended plot than previous entries.

This game is far more open than the previous Gears of War titles. The new consoles’ graphic improvements demonstrate draw distances and what can be done with powerful technology. In addition, it’s a fantastic game from the third-person perspective. It’s going to be a mess, so plan accordingly. In addition to being one of the top Xbox Series S Games, this title is also included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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Sea of Thieves:

Sea of Thieves:

The last on our list of best Xbox Series S games, Sea of Thieves, which takes some time to get going, isn’t for those who prefer a well-crafted story. Alternatively, if you want to feel free to explore the ocean to your heart’s delight, you scurvy dog, this will work wonders for you. Most fun when played with a group of friends, players assume the role of pirates. They are charged with completing trips, building alliances and trading relationships, or just drifting around doing whatever they choose. To sum it up: watch out for the Kraken.

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When playing Sea of Thieves on the Xbox Series S, you can see details that you couldn’t see on the Xbox One version. When the sun sets over the sea, you’ll find yourself snapping screenshots out of sheer awe. The game’s odd aesthetic is sufficiently comical, but it’s never overly stylized, so this pirate simulator has a lot of charm as well.

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