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Young Souls | OneAngryGamer Honest Review

Young Souls follows the adventures of two orphans who are accustomed to being forgotten about. This RPG brawler has more depth than your average beat them up because of its fast gameplay, fun customizability, and thoughtful narrative. Brawler lovers should take note, whether you’re playing alone or with a friend.

Jenn and Tristan, two orphaned twins, believe they are alone in the world. In their tiny community, the trouble-making teenagers have earned a reputation as foul-mouthed, hot-headed misfits because of their conditioning to survive on their own. The Professor, their adopted father who welcomed them into his house a year earlier, is the only person they have any regard for.

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Young Souls

The three young souls have a happy, though socially uncomfortable, relationship, but things take a strange turn when the twins learn that the Professor has been abducted.

What’s more, a gateway in his lab leads to an underground goblin realm, whose lord intends to attack their city. However, even if that’s an issue, Jenn and Tristan’s primary focus is on saving the Professor, and they’re ready to grab swords, shields, and other weapons to clear the path for them.

Thanks to the game’s strong storytelling, players will enjoy a lovable character and a more emotional narrative in Young Souls. As Jenn and Tristan reflect on their deeds, they realize that both sides in a battle may do terrible things while intending to do good. It was also enlightening to witness a villain who was genuinely concerned about the systematic slaughter of his people. Instead of being one-dimensional edgelords, the twins come off as sincere and sympathetic, particularly when they contemplate calling the Professor “dad.”

Kicking a goblin’s butt is a blast due to the fluidity of battle and the satisfying feedback that comes with making an impact. There’s nothing better than stringing together combinations and air-juggling enemies while wielding a variety of different weapons. Frustratingly, the timing window for blocks and parries is variable, yet a good parry results in a delightful slow-motion effect. As you go, you’ll unlock new abilities and sub-weapons to use, such as a chain that can pull opponents toward you or away from you. While Young Souls doesn’t do anything groundbreaking, it is a tonne of fun to play.

In comparison to the typical beat them up fodder, goblins offer a greater danger. These enemies were a fun challenge since they constantly evaded, blocked, and parried my attacks. Being forced to think about my offensive rather than just pressing the attack button shocked me, particularly when facing up against monsters. However, Young Souls delivers the battle in the best manner possible, despite a few annoying opponent kinds (shield-wielding spearmen block far too frequently). Experienced gamers should choose the game’s developer’s suggested setting for the game’s difficulty.

Young Souls

While having a friend join you while you play is excellent, local co-op isn’t an option. Even yet, I’m blown away by how much enjoyable Young Souls is even when played alone. To build exciting combo chains, employ a tag team system that rapidly switches between brothers when pressed. Since each sibling has a unique health bar and a finite amount of revives, this is ideal for spectacular last-second saves. I appreciate the technique of continually tagging in and out in fighting games to give the other twin healing time while varying your offensive. This works well.

When Jenn and Tristan first start playing, they’re the same. However, after they both have their unique loadout, things become interesting. The weight and kind of a weapon or piece of armor may significantly impact how it is used. Using Jenn as a quick attack and evasion specialist, for example, and Tristan as my death-dealing tank. The game is at its finest when you have two different twins, but it is also a viable strategy to have them both play identically. Because my Jenn’s faster build did better against a sluggish monster, I doubled down on that approach to finish it off faster.

The design of Young Souls mimics that of a condensed dungeon crawler. Enemies will be waiting for you as you make your way through chambers, complete with materials and keys. The level design process is too simplistic to the point of becoming tedious. The game keeps things interesting with boss rush challenges and battles against a famous warrior who awards a new weapon type for every defeat. Players are pitted against ghosts in the game’s most creative level, which can only be killed with a particular weapon, but that weapon leaves you open to a one-hit death.

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Most stages in Young Souls seem monotonous, but this is a welcome change of pace. Backtracking to find every item is accessible because of the quick travel system’s flexibility, the abundance of checkpoints, and the map indicating where locked chests are. Getting a perfect score in Young Souls may be the most accessible accomplishment in a while. You’ll use your moped to speed about town selling things and buying clothes, including buff-granting shoes, in between dungeon excursions.

Young Souls

To help your children get more physically fit, you may even take them to the gym and have them perform fun workout minigames. Nevertheless, returning to the human realm to level up is inconvenient because you cannot use combat gear there. You’ll be impressed in more ways than one, as the excellent Professor discovered when he gave Jenn and Tristan a chance. If you’re looking for a new fantastic game to play with a buddy or a good RPG brawler to explore on your own, don’t miss Young Souls.

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