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Top 3 Video Games That Include Bingo Mini Games

Today, the online bingo world is having a seriously good run! Indeed, online versions of this legendary pastime are making waves globally with no sign of stopping!

With that said, electronic bingo games are by no means new. Video games have for a long time now seen the benefits of electronic bingo and there are multiple examples of bingo mini games in larger video games the world over.

In this article, we will take a peek at the top 3 video games that include bingo minigames. From SNES to Playstation, we will consider some of the top examples of what is a much-loved sub-genre in the video gaming world!

Now then, let’s take a look at the top 3 video games that include bingo mini games, starting out with the most recent on our list!

Playstation Home: Paradise Bingo – 2012

Let’s start with a relatively modern video game that has bingo mini games with this PS3 offering from 2012. Whilst not a massive commercial success, Playstation Home: Paradise Bingo retains a cult following among bingo lovers and video games aficionados to this day.

Essentially, this was a video game that blended elements of social media to make for a seriously unique experience for the players involved. More or less, gamers were given the chance to make an avatar and mix with other gamers from across the planet over a few games of bingo, in addition to casino games including roulette and poker, too.

These days gamers appear to enjoy online bingo more than traditional formats, but the fact is that Paradise Bingo set the bar for many of the modern era’s newest online bingo sites. Gamers can find out more about new online bingo sites at this website showing some of the top spots around!

It can be said that Paradise Bingo was a cult offering from the short-lived Playstation Home project and whilst rarely discussed today, bingo lovers everywhere are guaranteed to remember it fondly!

Bing Bing! Bingo – 1993

A fresh game for the SNES console when it launched back in 1993, Japanese bingo video game Bing Bing! Bingo employed a variety of puzzles and games to give gamers challenges. The bingo mini game was a massive hit back then, with players able to enjoy a range of other fun games in the wider game including coconut shy and hoop a loop.

Panel Action Bingo  – 1993

Another one from Nintendo, Panel Action Bingo was launched on the brand’s GameBoy console and, whilst not as iconic as the likes of Super Mario and Donkey Kong, Panel Action Bingo dazzled back in 1993 with its cool cat and mouse branding.

Bingo minigames have proven huge down the years and now that online versions of the game are more widely enjoyed than ever, plenty of gamers expect a video game with a modern bingo minigame to hit shelves in the near future!

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