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Top 5 games like assassin’s creed odyssey

With stunning gameplay and storyline, it will be a difficult task to find games like assassin’s creed odyssey which has equally good graphics and gameplay. but, it is not an impossible task.

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game is the hyped right after it was released, and definitely one of the best Assassin’s Creed that I have played. Even though it lacks the elements that make this game an “Assassin’s Creed” but all the elements that combined give you a different experience and surely, it’s not a different game at all.

similar games like assassin's creed games like Assassin's Creed odyssey

The A.C odyssey is the hybrid between action and Role-Playing games, with most of the gameplay is focused on how you level up and what skills you unlock. It can rival every famous RPG Game but it’s not really the point, right? Because once you finished the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you will try to find anything which has the same atmosphere or in my case tried the mods and cheat for Ac Odyssey. But in case you want to jump straight into another game, I am here to help you! Here’s the list of five Action RPG games that are similar to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey:

1.      Genshin Impact

In our very first list of games like assassin’s creed odyssey, we have the rising rookies. Yap, The Genshin Impact was a huge success once it was released in 2020 with millions of players around the world. It’s an open-world action RPG game that is free to play by everyone, packed completely with Japanese elements especially in the character design to the voice actors that they can use. Genshin Impact is an Open World Action RPG game, but the system that is used is different. The leveling system is a bit different where you can level up the character but also your level as well. You can also equip different weapons but cannot change the outfit of the player. It’s not a big deal though as you can choose any characters with different abilities. But to acquire high-stats characters and weapons, you can get it also through in-app gacha purchases. 

2.      Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Going from a Japanese-inspired game, into a more realistic Action RPG game like the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It’s the continuation of the first Shadow Of Mordor with the story that is still focused on J.R.R Tolkien’s legendary fantasy novel. The game is definitely deep and dramatic, gameplay is more into action with a mix of RPG on it. The leveling system is definitely befitting the RPG elements – slain enemies, complete the quest or search for collectibles. Also, you can change the character’s armor and weapons. 

3.      Monster Hunter: World

similar games like assassin's creed odyssey

One of the most successful Japanese Action RPG is loved by players around the world, including Japan. The Monster Hunter: World is one of the games that are worth buying because it’s an RPG game like assassin’s creed and all the elements that you can find within the typical Japanese RPG – a rich story with side mission, one-of-a-king character customization, and big monsters that you can play solo or with your party. Finish your enemies or complete the quest to gain EXP and Skill Point to unlock the skills and increase your level, form a party to raid monsters, or just do solo if you want.

4.      The Witcher 3: Wild hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the games like ac odyssey, it is based on books with the same name. After it was released in 2015, the game gains huge success and becomes one of the games with the best stories. The Witcher 3 is definitely an RPG filled with elements like quest and side quest, skillset, and leveling system that will determine how you can win the fight against your enemies. Gain the strongest swords, get a new set of armors and win the one-on-one fights. It’s definitely one of the best games I ever played. It is one of the games like assassin’s creed odyssey which resembles many similarity with Ac Odyssey.

5.      Dark Souls Series

Our first list of games like assassin’s creed odyssey is the infamous and well-known game solely because of its gameplay and gaming experience. Dark souls have been released in 2011 then it followed by another sequel. Players are getting crazy about this game and mentioned this game is quite hard to play, but they don’t really complain how they were getting killed either. The Dark Souls game is pretty much an RPG filled with actions here and there. Slain enemies to get EXP and level up, change your weapons, or do anything you like. I mean, it’s fun and for sure Dark Souls is the best game in terms of gameplay.

the dark soul is one of the games like Assassin's Creed odyssey

All the games that are listed above definitely resemble the gaming system of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game that what I think make these games like ac odyssey. There’s might be some differences though, because… well, we cannot expect the game to be exactly the same for every detail, gameplay, and graphic might be totally different with the Creed Odyssey. But Something to be sure, these games will give you a somewhat similar feeling with a totally new experience. That is when we can enjoy the game within our heart content and just focus on the fun.

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