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Thetan Arena – Play to Earn NFT Game

Starting on 27 November 2021, Thetan Arena become Top 10 Gaming Project with The Most Engaging Social Community. Thetan Arena is MOBA’s and Battle Royale that you can play on PC and Mobile. Thetan Arena is Play to Earn game and it is Free To play that has in-game currency and special currency that can be traded in their community market. They reach 6 Million users after 15 days of Open Beta.

Thetan Arena Overview


Thetan Arena has 2 In-Game Currencies which is:

Thetan Coin – $THC ( can be achieved by playing some game modes and activities – special events, battle pass, ranking rewards, quest, guild war, tournament ).

Thetan Gem – $THG ( can be achieved via Special Events, Tournaments, and marketplace by Thetan arena and allows earn $THG and Unique NFTs ).

You can also watch and learn from the publisher’s official youtube video below about the game Currency System.


Thetan Arena has a similar graphic to Supercell’s Brawl Stars and they called themself an e-sport game based on Blockchain technology, which comes with various types and numbers of Heroes.

Thetan Arena has 3 types of Heroes according to their signature skills and statistic, including:

  • Tank
  • Assassin
  • Marksman

The Hero has a rarity that is determined by 2 elements, the rarity of the hero and its skin. Higher rarity has more unique abilities, playstyles, and chances to get bonus rewards.

The level of rarity for the hero is Common, Epic, and Legendary Hero. The level of skin rarity are:

  • Default Skin
  • Rare Skin
  • Mythical Skin

Skills in Thetan Arena are categorized into 3 different sets and rarity.

The Sets Skills are:

  • Effect Skill
  • Damage Skill
  • Support Skill

Effect skills are kind of Buff and Debuff, Damage skills are for damage that you can give to the enemy, and support skills are for aid you against the enemy, like avoid, heal, etc.

The Rarity Skills are:

  • Default skill
  • Rare skill
  • Mythical skill

Every week, there are randomized 15 skills to be selected in the skill pool. Players can only choose the skills which are available. The skill pool will be refreshed weekly.

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Thetan Arena Skills

Thetan Arena currently has 5 different modes that you can play.

  • Battle Royale (12 Players per game and the last man standing win).
  • Tower Siege (Need to protect your tower from Robot and Enemy Players).
  • Super Star (Collect 50 Stars from drop and killing enemies).
  • Deathmatch (Reach 25 kills to the opponent).
  • Custom Battle (Make your own private game or tournament with your friends or audience).

This game also regularly hosts special competitive events which are:

1. Campaign (PvE Only)
2. Collection (PvE and PvP)

3. Leaderboard Competition
4. War (PvP)

Play to Earn

In Thetan Arena, you can Play to Earn in many ways:

  1. Play the game, participate in battles and get the rewards ($THC).
  2. Open Thetan box using $THC or $THG that you need to purchase if you don’t want to wait until found the hero that you want.
  3. You can buy Premium Heroes and play with them. The owner of premium heroes can enter into private arrangements with the actual players, entering into direct peer-to-peer arrangements for the rental of heroes or sharing rewards obtained cooperatively. Players who are unable to obtain these Premium heroes may also work together to earn digital tokens because they have the time & skills to optimize your digital assets.
  4. Become a streamer.
  5. You need to reach Bronze 1 rank and get NFT Heroes to possibility getting NFT Items.

Overall, Thetan Arena is a competitive game that we hope, following their RoadMap, the publisher will have a future tournament that professional players can compete to become the best and make the game last longer. Our team also enjoyed playing the game so far.

Let’s play the game and show your anger…!!

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