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Assassin’s Creed Origins Characters – The most historically correct

Meeting all the important Assassin’s Creed Origins characters’ missions within the game is something special you can feel about this game. Embark on the journey to unveil the eternal grudge between Assassin Brotherhood – Templar Order and how was it started.

To know the game better, we will dive deeper into each of the characters to understand their stories and what is their role within the game. And with this AC Origins character compilation, we will uncover each of them, one by one. Here we go!

The playable Assassin’s creed origins characters: Bayek of Siwa

Our very first list is the main Assassin’s Creed Origins character. His name is Bayek, he is a Medjay in his village Siwa as well as the founder of the Hidden Ones that soon become the Assassins Brotherhood. Bayek’s journey began when he was kidnapped alongside his son by five masked men to open the Vault of Siwa temple. Bayek didn’t know how to open but the masked men keep threatening to kill his son if Bayek don’t open the vault. With the knife that his son stole, he tries to kill one of the masked men but was failed, which resulted in the death of his son.

Bayek then started his journey to find all the masked men and kill them for revenge. When he realized that he will fight the Order of the Ancients, he then created a secret organization called the Hidden Ones together with his wife to counter them.

assassin's creed origins characters

Aya of Alexandria

Aya is the wife of Bayek and also the founder of the Hidden Ones, a secret organization that is created solely to confront the Order of the Ancients that soon will become the Order of Templar. Before the creation, she was the Medjay of Cleopatra during the ancient war for the throne at the same time, hunting her son’s murderers and managing to kill two of them. Aya felt she was betrayed when Cleopatra decide to be Julius’ ally and join the Order of the Ancient. Aya then created the Hidden Ones with Bayek to counter them.

Aya parted ways with Bayek and move to Rome to track down the member of the order, she then changed his name to Amunet. Even after the death of Amunet, she is still considered one of the respectable founders of the brotherhood. The Statue of Amunet was built to commemorate her as the assassin who killed Cleopatra using snake’s poison.


Is the Son of Medjay Bayek and his wife Aya. Both of them live in Siwa and had a plan to become a Medjay when he becomes an adult. When both Bayek were tasked to hunt an ibex that will use in the ceremony. Khemu begs for Bayek to bring him to hunt the ibex and Bayek agreed, they both together hunt the anime around the big cliff where the colony of ibex gathers. After the hunting, Bayek decides to take Khemu to the top of the hill where he is asked to jump to the water.

Long story short, Bayek got kidnapped and was taken to the vault of Siwa. There, he saw his son also get kidnapped by the five masked men and force his father to active the golden orb. With the knife that is stolen by Khemu, Bayek cuts the rope that tied his hand and decides to fight the masked men. When one holds the knife and deflects it to Khemu, resulting in his death, and takes Bayek into the journey of vengeance.

The journey then lead him and his wife to create the secret organization called the Hidden One.


Marcus Junius Brutus is a member of the Roman Republic Politician that oppose Julius Caesar. He is also one of the first members of the Hidden Ones alongside Cassius. During his active time in the Roman Republic, Brutus became to fear that Caesar’s ambitions has driven him mad of power and devised a plan for an assassination together with Aya and Cassius. On the planned date, Aya joined Brutus after dealing with Lucius Septimius and make the first stab in Caesar’s body. Eventually, all the senators joined her to Stab Caesar, leaving Brutus the final blow that leads to Caesar’s death.

Since a long time ago, the Assassin’s Creed is famous as they tend to take historical figures for their game. Brutus here is no exception but instead of being a member of the Hidden One, he is an actual Roman Politician who was… indeed the assassin of Julius Caesar in spite of the fact that he was close with Caesar before the assassination.  


Gaius Cassius Longinus is the politician of the Roman Republic and also the first member of the Hidden Ones, together with Brutus. Before the day of Caesar’s assassination, Cassius returned to the Liberatores and informed the plan to stop Caesar’s ascension as failed, leading to the only choice by assassinating him and saving Rome. On the day of the assassination, Cassius and Brutus got the role to delay Caesar before they can carry the plan. After defeating Lucius, Aya returns to Brutus and Continues the plan. She delivers the final stab to Caesar followed by Cassius and the Liberatores, resulting to the death of Caesar in the hand of Brutus.

As similar to Brutus, Cassius is also based on historical figures. The historical line between the game and the reality is almost similar, especially in the assassination plan of Julius Caesar.


Cleopatra, the well-known assassin’s creed origins character, is Pharaoh of Egypt in ancient times. She inherited the throne after the death of his father and married her younger brother based on Egyptian custom. Then, she got exiled by her very own husband as the plot was created by the Order of the Ancients. After feeling dejected, Cleopatra decides to eliminate the Order with the help of Aya and Bayek as well as her trusted follower, Apollodorus. The plan was successful and Cleopatra took the throne once again.

Right after that, he was then allying with Julius Caesar and invited her to join the Order of the Ancient. With a feeling of betrayal, Aya then hunted Cleopatra to the land of Rome and decide to assassinate him. Out of respect because she was Aya’s former employer, Cleopatra then allowed sailing back to Alexandria, just to be assassinated again by Aya.

In the reality, Cleopatra is the queen Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and the descendant of Ptolemy 1 Soter, the companion of Alexander the Great. The legacy of Cleopatra is still remaining until this day in the form of arts, sculptures, paintings, Roman coinage, and reliefs.

Julius Caesar

The well-known historical character adapted as one of the assassin’s creed origins character.

Is the main Assassin’s Creed Origins protagonist and also a member of the Order of the Ancients. It was the time when Caesar was confronted by Ptolemy in the hope to ally but interrupted by Cleopatra. She offers Caesar a marriage with her but ended up succeeding. Getting pissed off, Ptolemy decides to besiege the city but both of them are able to escape with the help of Bayek and Aya. After the war, Caesar appoints Cleopatra as the sole Pharaoh of Egypt with the help of the Order. It angers both Aya and Bayek and they felt betrayed. Caesar was then assassinated by Aya back in Rome together with Brutus, Cassius, and the Liberatores.

Julius Caesar is a famous name among historians. He was the one who established the city of Florence and was known as Rome’s Dictator for Life. During his dictatorship, Caesar was hated by many people and politicians. It is then ended up in the assassination of him by Brutus, Cassius, and the other senates who call themselves the Liberatores. He then died in the Ides of March, with 23 stabs by the 23 politicians.

What interests me so much in making this article, is the accuracy of the history and story that you can relate between one after another. I mean, Aya and Bayek might be fictional Assassin’s Creed Origins characters. But the others are definitely real. Take the example of Brutus and Cassius. Even though they are not real members of the Hidden Ones, the assassination that they have done toward Julius Caesar was clearly written in the history book. It’s the essential elements that make Assassin’s Creed Origins game is so interesting to play, especially for those who love History. Like myself. Anyway, don’t forget to enjoy the game to your heart’s content!

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