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Some influential Assassin’s Creed Unity characters

like all the franchise that is released before and afterward, The Assassin’s Creed Unity characters are also made mostly from the historical figures to be used in their fictional game story. It works though, albeit not many people like how the story flows from the beginning to the end. For me, I enjoy it because I think it’s a perfect part for an assassin who always focuses on vengeance and assassinating targets.

It’s all thanks to the effort of the developer to create very interesting characters and with these compilations, we will dive deeper to know them further, the Majority of the Assassin’s Creed Unity characters.

Arno Dorian: The main Assassin’s Creed Unity character

His full name is Arno Victor Dorian, is the one and only Assassin’s Creed Unity main character. Accidentally joined the Assassin brotherhood while he met Pierre Bellec, the Master Assassin in the Jail. After officially joining, Arno begins the investigation of her foster father and found the secret behind the Order of Templar, and begins to take action to prevent the chaos.

Assassin's creed unity characters

Arno is the son of an Assassin, though he might be don’t know about it before meeting his assassin mentor. His father is Charles Dorian who was murdered by Shay Patrick Cormac, the main character in Assassin’s Creed Rogue game.

Pierre Bellec

Pierre Bellec is the Master Assassin of the Parisian Brotherhood, also the person that Arno’s met during his imprisonment. After witnessing Arno’s fighting and his ability to fight, Pierre invites him to join the Brotherhood and train him to become a fine Assassin.

In the Jail when he met Arno for the first time, Pierre saw a pocket watch that is formerly owned by Charles Dorian – Arno’s father. After realizing that he is Charles’s son, Pierre invites him to a duel for the return of the watch, making Pierre realize that he has an Eagle Vision that allows Arno to see the glyphs in around the prison. After the battle, Pierre told Arno that his father was an assassin and ask him to join the brotherhood for the greater good.

Francois De La Serre

Is the adoptive father of Arno Dorian, who decided to take him at the same time when Charles Dorian was assassinated. He is also the biological father of Elise De La Serre, Arno’s adoptive sister, and soon-to-be lovers when both of them become adults.

Francois De La Serre is the grandmaster of the Parisian Rite of the Templar who support the feudality in which aristocrats hold absolute power within an area they ruled. In 1789, Francois was assassinated by the order of Germain which marks the beginning of the coup d’etat within the order.

Elise De La Sere

Is the biological daughter of Francois De La Serre, also an adoptive sister of Arno Dorian that will become his lover in the future, the member of Templar, and the main heroine in the Assassins Creed Unity game. Elise is relatively close with Arno as they were raised together but separated while Arno was imprisoned for years. Soon after, She joined the Order of Templar while carrying out his journey of vengeance.

Chasing the villain into the hidden temple, Elise alongside Arno fought Germain – the wielder of Sword of Eden. During the fight, the sword of Eden creates an explosion that broke the ceiling of the cave, befalls Arno, and caused him unable to move. In the meanwhile, Germain got his leg hurt and tried to escape. Seeing that as the chance, Elise ignored Arno’s order and fought Germain in which resulted in another explosion from the sword. Elise De La Serre died afterward.

Comte de Mirabeau

His real name is  Honore Gabriel Riqueti but known as only Mirabeau. Is the mentor of the Parisian Brotherhood of Assassin. Mirabeau is well known as the only Assassin who made a peace treaty with Francois De La Serre – the Grandmaster of the Parisian Rite of Templar Order. The connection was established as they share the same concept when talking about the future of France. After the assassination of Francois, Mirabeau was asked to give up in the truce but asked to work together by Elise De La Serre, a Templar as well as the daughter of Francois. Labeled as a traitor by the brotherhood, he was then poisoned to death by Pierre Bellec.

Compte de Mirabeau is the Assassin’s Creed Character that is based on the real world, with the same name as well. a noble who acquired numerous titles including the leader of the moderate position between revolutionaries. Mirabeau in real life is also considered a successful orator and has the reputation as the voice of the people.

Marquis de Sade

His full name is Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade with the title of Marquis de Sade. he is an aristocrat as well as philosopher, author and soon to become a part of the revolutionary politician. He met with Arno when he was imprisoned in Bastille, eventually getting interested in him. Then, he met again with Arno in the slump during his mission in assassinating Roi Des Thunes. Marquis de Sade gives a great help during Arno’s mission and vice versa, until the last mission in which Arno was tasked to get Nicolas de Condorcet’s manuscript. In 1801, de Sade was thrown into imprisonment until his death in 1814.

Based on the tradition of the Assassin’s Creed game, Marquis de Sade’s character is based on a real-life figure with the same name. He is an aristocrat with the title Marquis that is inherited from his family, mostly known as an author of various titles including novels, stories and short stories, dialogue, and political tracts.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Nobody not known about Napoleon Bonaparte. The infamous figures, born as Napoleone Di Buonaparte. His first meeting with the Assassin’s Creed Unity main character was during Napoleon’s infiltration into the Tuileries Palace to search for a certain key into the temple of the first civilization, meanwhile, Arno is looking for a document that belongs to Mirabeau. After the mission, Napoleon helps Arno by giving him the location of Frederic Rouille, which leads Arno to successfully assassinate him.

As same as inside the game, Napoleon Bonaparte is also famous in real life. One of the most important figures during the French Revolution then rose to become the leader of the French Republic. After that, Napoleon was assigned to become The Emperor of the French and changed his name to Napoleon I.

Francois-Thomas Germain

The main antagonist in the Assassin’s Creed Unity game, the Silversmith in Europe and lieutenant of the former Grandmaster of Templar before the coup d’etat. He is inspired to change the order of Templar because of the vision of the First Civilization, then began his first move by assassinating Francois De La Serre as he disagrees with Germain’s concept and called it too radical. During the last fight in the Assassin’s Creed game, Germain fought with Arno and his lover Elise while Germain hold the Sword of Eden. He faces his death right after the sword exploded during the sword fight with Elise.

Francois-Thomas Germain was also based on a historical figure of the same name. Germain in real life is a well-known silversmith in French who normally received orders from European Royalty. Hence he receives the title royal silversmith as well as the sculptor of the King of France.

Honorable mention: Charles Dorian

In the Honorable mention is Charles Dorian who is a member of the French Brotherhood of Assassin, a former apprentice of Pierre Bellec, and biological father of Arno Dorian. He appears in the game at the beginning of the mission, where Charles and his son were invited for an assassin meeting at the Palace of Versailles. While attending the meeting, Charles was tasked to protect one of the Pieces of Eden called the Precursor box. He was assassinated by a member of the Templar named Shay Cormac and stole the Precursor box.

Charles didn’t only appear in the Assassin’s Creed Unity. He also appeared in the mission of the Assassin’s Creed Rogue where Shay Cormac was tasked to retrieve the Precursor box. The scene was exactly the same, although Shay somehow didn’t appear during the AC Unity game.

In my opinion, the Assassin’s Creed Unity Characters and the story is a perfect match. The development of the story and history is going well, especially about the love story. Is a fresh addition to the game that focuses more on a vengeance mission. Although there are pros and contras about the game, it’s still a good piece and playable even until this year.

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