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1685040cookie-checkWhy Live Games Are Indicative of an Increasing Shift to Personable Gaming Experiences

Why Live Games Are Indicative of an Increasing Shift to Personable Gaming Experiences

We’ve discussed on this site how online casinos are the preferred way to play. We talked about the myriad reasons for this, but the latest trend that will ensure people continue to flock to online gambling hubs is the multitude of live games available. There are a couple of primary reasons why these games with a real-life dealer or host are here to stay and proving to be the most popular titles around.


Players can now enjoy all their favorite classic casino games in a live format. Playing live casino games such as poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack is generally considered to be more intense and immersive, but many other factors contribute to the attraction of live games. 

The live format lends itself particularly well to creating casino game shows. These glitzy titles are often created based on an existing game show format such as Deal or No Deal or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but increasingly online casinos are developing their own game show structures. Unique titles such as Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt or Crazy Time provide the game show experience for those reluctant to walk into a TV studio and put their reputation on the line under the intense glare of a live audience. 


Although you’re not playing in a land-based casino or TV studio, a considerable amount of time and money has been spent to ensure the atmosphere is amicable and rousing. The live dealers or hosts are professionally trained and appealing characters. They act as a guide, which is useful for the game shows and the various multipliers now available in games such as Quantum Roulette or Lightning Blackjack.

Players can also interact with the dealer/host or others participating in the game by using the chatbox. 

The studios created for live games are state-of-the-art configurations, with strategically placed cameras to capture all of the action, which makes it more effortless to comprehend what is going on. Both the human element and the lavish studios contribute to a more immersive playing experience when compared to the Artificial Intelligence or Random Number Generator alternatives. Just seeing the casino paraphernalia handled by a real person and knowing there’s a studio of people also watching the action to ensure there are no difficulties simply builds trust.  

The variety of live games online casinos are able to offer and the atmosphere they generate are the two main reasons live games are so successful now. It’s also been important the live format is just as immersive when played on a mobile device, as this is now the preferred way of gambling online. Most developers in the industry have taken steps to ensure there is an emphasis on mobile compatibility during the development process and mobile players can effortlessly communicate, navigate, place bets, and watch the action.

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The development of these live games indicates that although they are already extremely popular and profitable, online casinos are also ambitious in their desire to bring casino gaming to a wider audience. The move to live games is possibly an attempt to piggyback on the success of live video game streaming sites such as Twitch. One of the reasons Twitch is so successful is that people desire personable experiences and real personalities to connect with when gaming. The live casino game format is striving to provide these experiences and connections resulting in the live games are becoming some of the most impressive in their arsenal.

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