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Brain & number games if you like sudoku

The fun, challenging puzzles in Sudoku have been a favorite of many for years. A game like Sudoku has become very popular and is even available on mobile phones. So if you are looking for a way to keep your brain sharp and your mind engaged, give this number puzzle a try!

Sudoku is popular because it is a fun and challenging logic puzzle that can be solved using simple rules. The puzzle can be solved by reasoning about the possible locations of the numbers 1 to 9 in each row, column, and 3×3 grid. Some puzzles may require a little trial and error, but most people find Sudoku addicting because there is always one more solution to find.

brain and number games like Sudoku
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The rules are simple, but only a few people know that even the most experienced Sudoku enthusiasts still get stuck on difficult puzzles. Players who find their Sudokus too easy can try more challenging formats such as 6×6 or 9×9 grids. Most of us begin playing with pencil and paper, but there are also many digital tools that can be used to solve or discover interesting puzzles, including online tools that will generate challenging problems.

Solving Sudoku by hand is a fun way to improve your logical reasoning, concentration, and spatial visualization skills. It may not help you become smarter in the traditional sense of reading books or completing memory training games, but it still contributes to making you a better thinker.

Sudoku is a type of logic puzzle and was invented in 1979 by Howard Garns, an American architect. Since then it has also been called Number Place, though the Japanese have taken to calling it Sudoku.

To play this game your task is to fill in the blank squares with numbers 1 through 9, such that each row and column, and each of the nine 3 X 3 blocks contains all of the numbers from 1 through 9.

If you like brain games and number games like Sudoku, here are some other games we suggest you check these games: 

Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku is a crossword puzzle. It has the same concepts as normal sudoku, except that you have to enter words in addition to numbers. The aim of KillerSudoku is just the same as Sudoku: Fill all empty squares so that each row and column contains numbers 1 through 9.

Sudoku Xtreme

Sudoku Xtreme is another game much like Sudoku. The difference is that in this game you can enter multiple numbers into each cell. For example, in a cell you could enter the number 2 three times, to make sure that it is not part of any other combination.

Sudoku Xtreme has 10 levels, ranging from easy to super hard! Sudoku Xtreme does not have an undo feature which can sometimes be frustrating. The game also gives incorrect puzzle solutions.

Sokoban (logic puzzle)

Sokoban is a puzzle game. The objective of this game is to push boxes onto target spots. It starts out simple, but the levels get more difficult as you advance through them!


The aim of this puzzle is to form certain shapes by connecting different numbered dots together. There are rules that have to be followed through, for example, each dot has to connect to one other dot.

Logix starts out very easy but gets progressively harder.

Tents and Trees

This game is also known as Fifteen puzzles or Domino! This game consists of a grid of dots, with fifteen on the board in total. When you click on any tile it moves to an empty space (or sometimes another tile, if it’s in the right place) and reveals a number.

The aim of this game is to line up all the tiles with consecutive numbers on top of each other. To make solving this puzzle even more difficult sometimes there are no empty spaces or they aren’t in numerical order! When that’s the case you can still get the tiles in order by clicking on them, but it takes a bit longer.

Sudoku is one of the world’s most popular puzzles with millions of players around the world! The simple yet challenging puzzle part of this game is what makes it so popular for years. Our recommendation games above are just some alternative games you can play if you feel you need some similar experience as Sudoku offers.

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