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11 February 2022
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Fallout 4 – The good ol’ game that is playable thanks to superb amount of mods!

Have you ever imagined yourself taking a stroll in a dystopian world? A world where water is a rare resource, ghoul everywhere, and the normal human become a green hulk with minigun and armor? Or have you ever met the most advanced android that has its own free will and sometimes gives you quest as well? If that is your wish, then this game is the perfect choice for you!

Introducing Fallout 4 – the post-apocalypse role-playing game that is set up in the retro-future where nuclear is the source of energy for everybody. Because of the advancement in nuclear technology, everything becomes better and easier triggering the rise in military tech. Therefore, The Great War is inevitable.

The story focused on the husband (or wife, you choose it) of a small family who took refugee in Vault 111 – a shelter that was created to protect civilians when the great war happens. When they were put into hibernation inside the Cryo-capsule, he was forced to wake up when a bad guy tried to kidnap his baby. In order to save the beloved son, he traveled to the Commonwealth to find clues on his whereabouts.

In my opinion, this game has an interesting main story that you can play. Combined with creative gameplay where you can basically create everything from guns, houses, power armor, even poisons or grenades. The possibilities are immeasurable albeit it was created in 2015.

Especially for me, Fallout 4 is definitely one of the best games on my list. There are various reasons that I can tell you guys and watch out, you might fall in love with this game like me! Haha… without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Alright, basic questions. Why recommending this game?

The answer is pretty simple. The potential of this game is limitless! And you can basically do anything you ever imagined in this game – except married the NPC.

As I mentioned before, the main story is interesting enough but there are hundreds of side stories that will keep you entertained. The side stories are spread in every side of the Commonwealth, from taking the little ghoul-boy home to returning the Deathclaw’s egg back to his mommy. I mean, it’s quite funny but it’s one of the good parts to point out about this game.

The expansion packs are also worth mentioning. The new map and the news stories are available as a DLC which totally brand new. Mentioning the two new maps to explore – the Far Harbour and the Nuka World!

You got the point there… but is there any cheats available?

Well, cheats are indeed available. There are two things that you can use to make your gameplay more interesting and… easy. One of them is the third-party app called WeMod which you can use for certain perks. Like unlimited caps for example and high EXP. It’s also steam-friendly so you don’t really need to hack the game to use it.

If you don’t want to bother yourself in downloading 3rd party app, there are also mods available for the same purposes with different interfaces. Like accessing the cheat codes in your Pip-boy. As easy as that.

You mention Mods. Is this game has it?

Of course! Mods are the core of this game, aside from the stories and the gameplay. Mods-wise, there are a lot of variations that you can explore. One of the examples is the mod that is able to turn Commonwealth into a healthy dystopian forest. Or even turn the character into more human-like or even get the gun that you are never able to try. Although there are various mods available, some of them are a bit buggy and glitchy so, just be careful.

The mods that I mentioned above are the ones you can get inside the game. There are also mods available outside of the game and the variations are wild! Mentioning the realistic female body, or some adult contents that I hope I can mention in this article.

Another type of mod that I want to mention is the infamous new map mods like Fallout 4 Miami and Fallout 4 London. It’s amazing how the community can come up with fresh ideas for exploring the unknown world, but the mods have been one of the ways to enjoy the game.

Alright, you got me hooked, but what’s the requirement to play this game?

Since the game is released in 2015, the spec isn’t that high that you need a 5k PC to run it. Mentioning a minimum of 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i5 for the processor, and 2GB of graphics is actually enough to run this game. But if you want to go all out, just change the processor into i7 for better processing. And don’t forget, you need a bit of space in your hard drive. I am talking about 30 GB for the game. It isn’t much though, but it will keep you entertained for years.

Fallout 4 System Requirements on Steam

Oh, right. If you want to play with mods, always prepare a bit more space on the game since it will take additional space to do it.

That is good! Let me buy the game… but where is it available?

The game is available on various platforms. If you are a console gamer, you can download it (or buy the CD) on your PS4 as well as the Xbox One. Since I am using a PC to play games, I downloaded it from Steam and, of course, you need to pay to get the game! Haha

The version that I got at the moment is the Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition which includes all the DLC. Like the Far Harbour, Nuka World, Wasteland Workshop, and the VaultTech workshop.

Fallout 4 Official Store Page

In the end, I don’t have enough words to express my happiness while playing this game. But I can say, this game is worth the money. So what are you waiting for, get it right now!

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