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Nier Automata and everlasting meaningful game as it should be

Dystopian future is always an interesting topic to discuss. Especially in gaming, it becomes one of the genres that developers use to tell stories. The reason is obvious, we humans who never experience that time would always imagine how it feels to live in a world where humans are rare creatures and mutated animals are the ones who crawl on the earth’s surface.

And then come up a new question – what if the human isn’t able to live on earth, instead android and machines are the ones who roam on the world? What if the machines that live, are taken over by the aliens and we need to create an advanced android to fight them? Yeah… that is actually a bit of part of the infamous Nier Automata stories.

Nier Automata is a game that is developed by PlatinumGames under the umbrella of Square Enix. It sets in the year 11945-AD where the proxy war happened between Human-made androids and a machine army of invaders from another world. The story focused on the main character named 2B (stands for YoRHa unit 2 type B, the combat-type android with capabilities of defeating enemies) who served under the YoRHa android forces – the android that is created by humans to defend planet earth. Accompanied by the male android name 9S (stands for YoRHa unit 9 type S), a scanner type android who has more emotion and expressions compared to 2B.

Both of the units are on the mission to fight the robot that is created by the aliens, suddenly witnessing the new birth of a new antagonist named Adam and Eve, the physical manifestation of the machine network. While 2B and 9S fighting their enemies, they began to question their purpose, and their mindset is slowly changed after witnessing Pascal – the machine who decides to build the machine village and live-in peace.

Although that is the main story, basically the ending can be different. There are 26 different endings that you can choose depending on which route you take. This route is decided depending on the selection of answers that you can choose in the game character’s conversation.

Because of the complexity of the stories, many players in the world, including me, always feel touched whenever I got the main ending. And the feeling of playing again always hunted me in my AFK time.
I think this time I will mention why I love this type of game. And I hope a million words can be enough. Alright, without further ado, let’s jump down!

I just wonder, why you recommend this game?

There are various reasons that I can point out to answer this question. First, the stories are awesome. It sets up in the dystopian future where the proxy war (the war between human-made androids and the alien-made machine robots) happens. It’s really touching where the character faces questions like “what is the purpose of my fight” or “why we cannot leave with each other”. Because when they began to answer that question, it made them human. Especially the part where (spoiler alert) 9S got killed by the villain and 2B felt lost. The same when 2B went self-destructing and 9S cried. Albeit they can be re-created, sometimes the feeling is just… plain sad.

Ah, I also need to mention that there are 26 different endings that you can try in the game. The ending will depend on how you follow the route, and the route will depend on the action that you choose. The ending is unique. Like how you can reach one of the endings by deleting the OS in the setting menu or reach the ending by self-destructing. It’s just that interesting!

Aside from the stories, the gameplay is good too! It’s based on hack and slash combat, but there are various game plays that you will face. Like, “Shoot ‘em up” which appears when 9S hacks the enemies or text adventure where you will find many response selections that will lead to different endings.

I understand… but is the game has cheats?

Yeap yeap, of course. But the cheat is only available through the 3rd party app though. At the moment I am using WeMod as my cheat base. One of the reasons is because it’s steam-friendly and I don’t need to crack the game to use it. Not much to say about this since players normally choose to play without any cheat. But sometimes, you just need another type of adventure and freedom to play the game. 🙂

I got you… and mods? What about the mods?

Nope, sorry to disappoint you but no mods are available in this game. I don’t know about the unofficial mods though, but there is one DLC that you can buy if you want a new challenge. The DLC contains new maps and a new player’s outfit.

Interesting enough to make me buy the game! So tell me the spec requirements to play this game

NA Specs
Nier Automata Steam System Requirements

The game is released in 2017 so it cannot be said that this game is this old. However, the spec that is required is quite small for this mind-boggling game.

The minimum requirement is 4GB of RAM, 2GB of Graphics, and intel core i3. If you want to play the game smoothly, change your RAM to 8GB with an i5 processor and 4GB of graphic cards. In this today’s standard, it’s still enough to enjoy the game.

Oh, I forgot to mention that you need 50GB of space in your hard drive to download.

Right, preparation is almost complete, and where can I buy the game?

The game is available on multiple platforms from the PS4 to Xbox One. I am using my PC to play the game so, I can get it on the Steam platform.
Just a bit reminder, the game is offline though so you cannot join another player to play.

Nier Automata is one of the awesome games I ever played. Stories are awesome, sometimes I face a cute ending and I cannot stop smiling. But whenever I reach the final ending, it always made me question humanity. But again, I will always remember that this is the masterpiece that Square Enix ever published. And I wish they will keep releasing a good game like this.

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