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7 Best MMO Mouse for games money can buy

Getting the best MMO mouse can be a great help for those who really need help, especially if they face the struggle of casting magic. Yes, in MMORPG games, there is a time when players are required to press multiple magic or skills, sometimes they are required to cast simultaneous magic which is quite a challenge when facing multiple enemies or bosses… I feel you guys, I definitely feel you.

If you don’t quite get it yet, the MMORPG games are the game that is normally set up in a fantasy game (or sci-fi game like Final Fantasy) which players will require to hunt monsters to gain Experience Point (or EXP) to level up, at the same time increasing their skills. The MMORPG game that is quite famous these days is Final Fantasy XIV which is still played by more than 30 million players. That’s quite a number though, especially in the invasion of NFT RPG games. 

Now, if we talk about the MMORPG like FF XIV, you will realize the number of skills that they had and how to cast it. It’s quite an effort, isn’t it? Unlike the other games, MMO requires buttons for an easy shortcut to the skill. It tends to be easier than just clicking it with your mouse. If we talk about that, the mouse provider seeks this as the opportunity then creates what it’s called the multi-buttons mouse or simply, the MMO mouse. 

If you have a plan to get the best MMO Mouse but don’t really know what to buy, then allow me to give you a bit of suggestion on which to buy… here are in this website listed the mouses that will help you to get the job done! Especially in doing a monster raid, or just completing the quest in subjugating monsters. As always, this list is just my own personal preferences, I am definitely open to any suggestions and kinda curious about it as well, so please do let me know in the comments what is your preference MMO mouse brand out there. 

HyperX PulseFire Raid – Best Compact MMO Gaming Mouse

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Starting with our very first list is this little fella, the HyperX Pulse Fire Raid. It’s a gaming mouse with five extra buttons that can be programmable depending on your needs, other than the four buttons on the top. Also, the scroll wheel can’t only be used as scrolling… players can move it to the left or right, making it easier for them to use it. The HyperX PulseFire Raid looks slick without any dramatic corner in here and there. The extra button really helps a lot especially in playing the MMORPG games like Final Fantasy. It has not so much RGB light a swell – it only emits from the logo on the top back as well as the wheel.

Packed with 11 configurable buttons from top to bottom-left, equipped with Pixart 3389 Sensor which can handle 16,000DPI and can be changed through a dedicated button on the top begins scroll wheel. Configuration can be done through their own HyperX NGENUITY software. The RGB light can be changed as well… basically, this mouse is a fully-configurable gaming mouse that will fulfill your gaming needs. Oh, did I mention this mouse is quite sturdy as well? Thanks to Omron switches that can handle 20 million clicks. Can be more, depending on how you use your mouse. On another important note, the HyperX Pulsefire Raid is multiplatform and can be used in consoles like Xbox and PlayStation

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming – Best Budget Gaming Mouse

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Logitech can be considered the company that produced high-graded gaming accessories… it is shown by one of their product which received the title the best gaming mouse. After their new succession, Logitech created the G600 Gaming, a multi-buttons gaming mouse that is perfect for MMO games, with a price that is significantly lower than the G502 Hero. The G600 was built solely to accommodate comfort to the player’s hand. It looks simple but kind of thick because of the 12 buttons on the left side. 

But do you think that’s it? No, because Logitech G600 has 20 buttons that you can configure yourself. On the inside, it is equipped with a game-grade sensor with a resolution of up to 8,200DPI. Colors come only in black, RGB isn’t that much as it’s only light on the left side buttons. Regardless, this is still a better value to money if you look for an MMO mouse under US$ 50. 

ASUS ROG Spatha X – Best Design Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse

wireless mmo mouse

Both of the mouses are wired. Now is there any good wireless MMO mouse out there? Well, say no more. Introducing the Asus ROG Spatha X, the mouse that, in my opinion, doesn’t really look like a mouse but is more like a small alien spaceship that landed on the planet earth. Please don’t get me wrong, I like the design though and it looks quite sturdy as well. The RGB lights are also positioned well – from the scroll wheel, the small stripe on the back of the wheel, to the left buttons. Speaking of the buttons, the total is 12 buttons that spread from the top to the left side. These can be configured with advanced customization options. 

The Spatha X is a wireless mouse. The way it charged it is also unique – using a special docking charger that looks like a runway for a space shuttle. Even though it’s wireless, there’s an option where players can also plug it in using a USB-C connection. This mouse can keep up with a resolution of up to 19,000 dpi and definitely can handle your everyday MMORPG gaming time. 

Razer Naga X Left-handed Edition – the best MMO mouse option for left-handed players

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In the line of Naga series, Razer now created what is now called the Razer Naga X Left-handed Edition. The gaming mouse can be used to play MMORPG games thanks to the multiple buttons on the right… Really love Razer’s dedication in creating this mouse that is specialized for left-handed. It has a similar design to the Razer Naga X but the positioning of the side buttons is different. I mean, obviously. It’s simple, with no dramatic corners with buttons that are programmable through the Razer Synapse 3 as well as the RGB light. Ah, speaking about that, Razer Naga X left-handed Edition has some but it doesn’t really flashy. The light emits from the Razer logo, the scroll wheel, and the buttons on the side… in this case, it’s the right side. 

Going inside the belly of Razer Naga X Left-handed Edition, You’ll find the Razer 5G Advanced Optical Sensor that can handle up to 18,000dpi of sensitivity. The buttons are using Razer’s own Optical Mouse Switches that can withstand 70 million clicks.

Redragon M913 Impact Elite – the alternative to the Spatha X

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If you think ASUS ROG Spatha X is quite out of your budget, here’s another option if you look for a wireless gaming mouse that will fit your budget. The Redragon M913 Impact Elite comes with a futuristic design, only has a black color with two different materials – black glossy on the side and matte on the top that is coated with a rubbery material that will make your hand stay in the place. The RGB light comes in a few directions – the light emits from the logo, the stripe on each side of the logo, the scroll wheel, and the buttons on the side. It’s an RGB light that is programmable with dedicated software. 

The M913 Impact Elite is equipped with an Optical Pixart 3335 gaming sensor that can hold up to 16,000 dpi, a total of 20 configurable buttons, and a Type-C cable to charge your mouse. Different from the Spatha X, the cable can be plugged at the front. The battery itself can hold up to 80 hours depending on the usage. It’s quite a good mouse though if you are looking for something under US$ 60. 

Razer Naga Pro – The Best Modular MMO Gaming Mouse

One of my favorite MMORPG mice in regard to usage is the Razer Naga Pro, the all-rounder mouse that can be used for anything depending on the game you played. Basically, all the mouse here is an all-rounder mouse but the Naga Pro has something that all of the mice in this list don’t have… that is the modular left-side button. Yap, this mouse has three different types of modules and each module has a different number from two buttons to twelve. Design-wise, it’s simple, matte black colored, and functional. 

The Naga Pro is using the company’s own Razer Optical Mouse Switch with a resolution of up to 20,000 DpI with buttons using the Razer Optical Mouse Switch that can hold up to 70 million clicks. Definitely the same with the Naga X left-handed edition, with extra modular switchable side buttons which can be changed depending on the game you played. 

Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite – The Best Wired MMO Gaming Mouse

Corsair created such an interesting mouse here, named Scimitar RGB elite. It’s definitely well-built, sturdy with a coating material that will keep your hand at the mouse all the time, with a price that is quite lower than a hundred dollars. The Scimitar RGB Elite comes with 12 slideable side key that is also adjustable. Yap, the keypad on the side can be moved back and forward to make sure your thumb can press the right buttons. Meaning, you don’t need to be afraid whether your hand is too little or too large. Another button will be on the top with a total of five buttons. All of them are equipped with Omron switches that can stand 50 million clicks, which shows how sturdy it is. 

Taking a peek into the belly, the scimitar used PixArt PMW3391 with 18,000 DPI that can be adjustable using Corsair CUE. (Corsair Utility Engine) Also can be used to program the buttons as well. It is also using a braided cable to make sure of sturdiness and long-lasting usage. Price range? It comes under US$ 100 so, prepare your budget guys! 

The Final Verdict

I know, there are so many variations of the MMO gaming mouse that you can choose, it ends up making it hard to determine which will be picked as your partner in the world of fantasy games. design can vary depending on which you like, what ability do you want the mouse to have, to the point of the budget that you can spend for one MMO gaming mouse. If the budget is sufficient, I think getting one of these can be quite an investment but again, depending on your preferences as well. So, always determine everything before buying! And stay awesome. 

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