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Dead Space Remake Shows Off Its New Gameplay & Features With The Recent Demo Release

When the new Dead Space Remake trailer came 7 months ago, I can’t be happier ever since my wish will come true. I mean, I always love Dead Space. It’s the first game that I have played ever since I have my own gaming Pc, and playing it just feels awesome in a way I cannot describe. Jump scares, shooter, run from the Necromorph, especially those immortal five eyes Ubermorph that always regenerate every time you shot him.

After Dead Space 3, I always wished to be able to play Dead Space 4 and so on. But My wish got shattered when EA decided to close Visceral Games back in October 2017. Just thought my wish wouldn’t be coming true, then EA decides to release the trailer of the Dead Space Trailer that shows the game in brand new graphics. That is amazing! And I cannot say I’m not happy with it. Then, the new gameplay 18-minutes demo came with new features. Before we jump into what it is, let’s see the trailer ourselves, shall we? 

New Features of Dead Space Remake

There are new features that are introduced here in the new remake of Dead Space. The one who created the game, Motive Studios, has upgraded the characters into as real as possible to increase the survival horror experience. In the new gameplay Demo, all of these features are shown very clearly and the narrator explained them transparently in a very detailed way. Seems like the developer would like us to know that they are putting 100% of their effort into making this game a better version of the original.

When we watched the demo, the hype is real when we finally see Isaac Clarke in his suit, holding a Plasma Cutter and ready to shoot the Necromorph. I mean, that’s is one of the first things that I see from the Demo trailer and I’m pretty happy. Otherwise, everything looks good. Definitely resembles today’s game with enhanced graphics with stunning lighting, as you see in 0:17. If you have watched the new gameplay demo, you will notice something that is quite similar to the previous game. Seems like they are still using the same sound, especially when the sound when the door opened and when Isaac pickups the item on the wall container. 

Right after the first part of the demo finished, the host talked about several character features that will increase your gaming experience. Features that I talked about are the character’s voice when he was tired after running for a long time, the sounds he made when the oxygen is depleted completely with the heartbeat when his fatigue was almost run out. 

dead space remake vs perbandingan asli menunjukkan peningkatan mengesankan pada detail fisika dan realisme

The developer called it the A.L.I.V.E. system, a system that will show the playable character’s behavior in a more natural way. The A.L.I.V.E. is an acronym for Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialogue, Vitals, and Exertions.

To be honest, the Dead Space Game is important to me. Hearing the game will get the remake (although I really hope to see the Dead Space 4) the hype gets so real. After seeing the demo, I just realized I don’t really need to put so much hype too high. Just hope this will become a decent remake game that doesn’t disappoint. On the other hand, the game looks good. Especially the graphic. 

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