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Kirby And The Forgotten Land Is Finally Released!

Nintendo is famous for releasing a cute main character for every one of their games. Let’s say, Mario Bros, Pacman, the Pokemon games in which 40% of them are cute creatures like Pikachu, Clefairy, Togepi and so many more that I cannot mention one by one. Aside from all of them, there’s one of the characters that I love the most. His name is Kirby, Fallin’ in love since the anime was aired back in 2001. 

There are so many Kirby out there that you can try but nothing is like the one they just released. The game’s name is Kirby And The Forgotten Land a few days ago and the hype is high with this one because it is so different from all the Kirby games that Nintendo has released. 

If you want to see the trailer of the new Kirby and The Forgotten Land, here it is:

Who or What Is Kirby? 

Kirby is the game character that is created by Nintendo in 1992 in its own game called Kirby’s Dreamland. he has a pink spherical body with tubby hands and red foot and is kinda cute with blush pink on his cheek. Kirby’s cuteness overload can make you diabetes if you stare at him for a long time because Kirby is so cute!


Kirby’s cute point isn’t just from the appearance only, but his power as well. Kirby has the ability to absorb enemies’ power and turned it into his own for a short amount of time. That is what makes Kirby famous besides his cuteness.

So, what makes Kirby and The Forgotten Land Famous? 

While Kirby is already a famous character, because of that, people began to play Kirby’s game and each of them is quite fun to play. The recent release, Kirby and the Forgotten Land are one of the hyped games about Kirby that Nintendo has released recently. The good thing is, Nintendo still keeps the cuteness of Kirby (and perhaps elevates it a bit more) but adds a semi-open world that you can explore. 

Story-wise, Kirby and The Forgotten Land tells the story of Kirby that enters a black hole, leaves the dream Land to enter the New World. Here, Kirby will undergo a series of stages to save his companion, Waddle Dees who was kidnapped by the Beast Pack.

Kirby and The Forgotten Land Features And Why You Should Play It.

This game is not a total open-world adventure game like Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2. It’s a game with various stages for Kirby to conquer in order to save his companion. 

The character’s abilities are definitely a marking point for those who wish to play this game. The copy ability that Kirby has since a long time is always a win! Featuring a new ability called Mouthful Mode that enables Kirby to control a larger object than his body. Like a Car that appears at the beginning of the game, before lyrical opening music (that I wish I know the title).  

Another feature that you can try is the co-op mode. Calls your friend to enter the game as Player 2, but can’t be using Kirby because Kirby is the only one. The second player can control his partner Bandana Waddle Dee and use a spear as the main weapon to attack enemies. 

The Kirby and The Forgotten Land is created as part of Kirby’s 30th Anniversary with the development that takes two years to complete. Despite all of it, Kirby is one of the games that I will love to play. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Nintendo Switch. So, get the switch first then the game! 

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