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1695891cookie-checkCould Lost Ark Be Heading to Console?

Could Lost Ark Be Heading to Console?

The hit MMO ARPG from Smilegate has seen massive success in just a matter of months. Now fans wonder whether Lost Ark will be heading to console any time soon.

Lost Ark has become one of the most popular and most played games in history 2 months after its official release in Western Regions. While most PC players enjoy farming Lost Ark gold, gamers from other platforms will be able to the highly acclaimed MMO ARPG. Fortunately, Smilegate and Amazon are open to the idea if the demand is high enough. 

Lost Ark Platforms

The Korean MMO ARPG already has a massive following from the PC community alone. The game does employ controller support for desktop users with Lost Ark accounts, which could still use some improvement. Unfortunately, Smilegate does not offer their popular MMO ARPG to any other platforms.

However, fans quickly note that some of the game’s competitors, mainly Diablo 3, are available on other platforms. Expanding into consoles or mobile platforms is a strategic move for many games, especially if there is a demand for them. The game developers have expressed their interest in branching out from PC.

Potential Console Version

Smilegate and Amazon have been clear that Lost Ark will not be getting any console version anytime soon. Based on their current FAQ section, the game will be exclusive to PC users for the time being. Currently, the two gaming studios do not have any active discussions about porting the game.

Fortunately for console users, both Amazon and Smilegate have stated that they are open to the idea of branching to other platforms such as PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. AGS’s franchise leader Soomin Park has expressed the possibility of porting Lost Ark if there is a high demand.

The popular Korean MMO ARPG has been around since 2019, and the need to bring the game to other platforms has never been raised in the regions it was initially released in. This may be because Asia doesn’t have that many console gamers compared to other EU and NA. However, the game’s release in Western Regions has sparked the interests of many console players.

The possibility of Lost Ark coming to other platforms is high, especially if fans really want it. Unfortunately, it will take a while before it happens since the gaming studios will need more time to develop it. Console players will have to endure not playing the game or trying it out on PC.

Lost Ark Open to New Ideas and Suggestions

While the game did have a stellar launch and is enjoying massive success, the Korean MMO ARPG is still facing many issues. Aside from its problems with bots and bugs, the game has received backlash against some of its features. These criticisms mainly focus on the gender-locked classes and the female appearances in Aeternum. 

Several fans expressed their disappointment in how female characters were represented in the game. Players have noted that some armor pieces are too skimpy and do not look functional. Their armors were ridiculed and have been the sources of memes in the community.

Meanwhile, many gamers have expressed their outrage about gender locked classes. Adventurers have stated their desire to play as male magic users or strong female warriors. Fans have claimed that this practice is outdated in most games. However, Western players may have failed to acknowledge that gender locking is still a thing in several games originating in Asia.

Fortunately for the community, Amazon has been very open-minded about these criticisms. Soomin Park has announced that the gaming studio will be rolling out some updates soon to address the players’ complaints. However, these changes won’t be coming anytime soon. 

Developers have noted that providing new character models for existing classes will be the same as creating an entirely new job. The jobs are based on their models, so their animations and functions rely on their design. However, the gaming studios are keen on appeasing the community. 

While Lost Ark enjoys massive success and continues to grow, fans are curious about how the game will develop if the game gets ported to console platforms. With games like Diablo finding success in Ps4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox ports, the Korean MMO ARPG will likely find the same level of prestige as its competitor. Hopefully, it won’t take long until gamers can start farming Lost Ark gold in other outlets.

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