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96Ace – Gaming in the Mobile Age

Gaming has never been so easy, and that does for hardcore and casual. With so many amazing franchises releasing almost yearly titles, it’s hard not to find something to love around every corner. That being said, while we might all enjoy sitting down to play the latest Uncharted game or Super Mario game, there are times when we just want to kick back and play something on our phones. 

Mobile gaming is on a raise and nobody can deny it. While hardcore gamers will still ignore that kind of entertainment more and more casual gamers joining the mobile gaming hype. Some of the biggest developers also put more and more focus on this part of its business.    

Over the last decade, the Apple Store and the Google Play Store have become swamped with low quality shovelware, making finding a good game really difficult. So, most people have opted to go another route – online gaming, either for virtual currency or real money.

These games don’t even need to be via an application – a lot of companies now are releasing games and experiences that are played directly from your Google Chrome app or the Safari app. Just load up the website and go. That is the case for Malaysia Online Casino 96Ace, and many other companies.

 It is so easy to play something on your phone, and the market and consumer base has never been bigger! Moms, dads, kids – almost everyone has a mobile phone and access to the Internet, which means that mobile gaming has never been bigger, and yet will continue to grow. It’s astronomical to think about, but it is true.

It is this older consumer base that companies are looking to take advantage of, by creating engaging game experiences on mobile devices. Whether it is as simple as a casino application, or as in depth as recreating Rollercoaster Tycoon on mobile devices. 

There is a market here for the older audience, and most companies are catering to that audience with fantastic experiences. That being said, games need to be engaging and exciting for this user base to actually come back time and time again. And these experiences can vary.

Games that have some sort of gambling or purchasing mechanic seem to shine the brightest. Take the NBA Top Shot for example. Check this out from the company’s website,

“NBA Top Shot is where basketball lovers come to celebrate, relive and collect the best plays they’ve ever seen. It’s the best community in hoops, and you’re invited to join the fun. NBA Top Shot turns electrifying, internet-breaking NBA and WNBA highlights into officially licensed one-of-a-kind digital items that you own, called Moment™ NFTs. Each brings a burst of basketball perfection that can’t be lost or forgotten. Start building your collection with Moments from the NBA’s past and present.”

This site has become so incredibly popular. So why can’t gambling sites? They are, and they will. Just give them time. There is a massive base of people waiting to get in!

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