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Final Fantasy XI remake – Everything You need to know

Final Fantasy XI is a long-running online multiplayer role-playing game developed and released by Square Enix around two decades ago. The game became a hit in no time at all, and it brought a revolution to the MMORPG genre and showed that the right development team could adopt the Final Fantasy formula for other genres as well. If we compare it with similar titles, the game has enjoyed a pretty good life over the course of twenty years, and the pc version of the game is still very popular among the gaming community.

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 2 versions of Final Fantasy XI were removed back in 2016, and there will be no future updates for these versions. There is no rocket about how the game survived for such a long time because a large number of other games of the same genre have enjoyed such a long life before. The World of Warcraft is a pretty solid example that wasn’t neglected by both developers and gamers. Developers release updates from time to time to keep players engaged. If you have run out of FFXI Gil and don’t want to grind for it, buy it from a trusted website like MMOpixel.

Given the popularity of Final Fantasy XI, developers have already released a sequel by the title of Final Fantasy XIV in 2010. These facts are enough to assume that Final Fantasy XI is going nowhere and will stay here for years to come. Developers also have the same plans for the game because they upload new content on the official 20th-anniversary website of the FFXI, which is called ‘We Are Vana’diel.’ Developers knew the potential of FFXI because it has been their most profitable title to date.
The anniversary site was launched a few years back, and they have been teasing something big for this two decades milestone. The surprise will blow FFXI lovers away as they have been waiting for it for years now. Final Fantasy series is also the most popular series by the developer, and this eleventh title is a whole new story. Experts believe that developers will try their best to keep the game alive

What to expect in the future?


The community of Final Fantasy XI players is quite big; they are quite hopeful that developers have got something for them. Console servers are already removed from the game, so the only hope left is the computer version of the game. Teasers by Square Enix over the past four years have created hype around whether there will be a remake of the Final Fantasy XI or not. There are some predictions given below as no one exactly knows what the live stream will unfold.
Some special interviews of the development team were also done recently, but they increased the expectations of fans even more rather than providing them insights into what was coming up. Yoshitaka Amano is the official artist for the Final Fantasy series, and he has also released some new artwork for the anniversary if you don’t have any information about how the journey of the game started.
Don’t worry because there is a detailed timeline to provide you with detailed information about the launch of the game, the launch of expansions, and other behind-the-scenes information. No matter whether you are new to the game or a veteran, you can easily assume from these details that there may be a remake in development. But chances of this happening are very thin, while chances of new expansions are much greater. The recent addition of voracious resurgence expansion to the game is a good example of such a case.



Developers scheduled a five-hour-long live stream on May 8, and fans have been looking forward to watching it as they think that it will finally break the silence on what Square Enix has been cooking behind the curtain. Most information you will find on the internet about the given topic are speculations only because developers have implemented strict rules to avoid any leaks. Some of the most prominent predictions regarding the future of Final Fantasy XI are given below.
Final Fantasy XI Remastered – Developers were working on a mobile remake of FFXI, but it was canceled soon. This came to the attention of gamers because some high-definition screenshots of the possible remake were released. So fans have a strong belief that the remake was canceled because developers wanted to put all their efforts into the remake for the computer. The remake will give FFXI a modern look and make it user-friendly.

  • Final Fantasy XI Classic – A section of MMO lovers who have some great memories of the original Final Fantasy XI, and they love to live in the nostalgia. In the 2000s, when the game was released, things were quite different, and now they have taken a three sixty turn, so developers will surely avoid this situation.
  • Merging both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV into a subscription – This method already experiments with some previous games of the same genre, so this won’t be new at all. By including both games in one subscription, developers will allow gamers to switch between effortlessly and enjoy the best of both worlds. But it requires some modifications; mainly, they have to remove the online play interface because it acts as a barrier to stop new players from enjoying the old MMO.
  • Detail – Developers have been adding new story content to the game over the course of years, and it was named the Vortic Resurgence. It was aimed to take the quality of life and character in the game to a whole new level.

These are just speculations and don’t answer the real question of where Square Enix will go from here onwards.

There is another direction that Square Enix can work in by following the footsteps of the developers of Dragon quests, who shared the good news with the community that they are working on an offline version of the game. MMOpixel comes up with official trading methods to help you avoid getting banned from the game for any illegal transactions.


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