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1704341cookie-checkWant to Invest? Here are Five Things Every Computer Gamer Should Have

Want to Invest? Here are Five Things Every Computer Gamer Should Have

Whether a Minecraft lover or more of a Red Dead Redemption kind of player, all gamers have one thing in common – the desire for an amazing gaming setup. And though we can’t all have the impressive gaming gadgets popularised by the YouTube gaming community, it’s certainly possible to step up your gaming game by investing in a few high-quality basic items. But how can you elevate your setup to make your gameplay both more comfortable and practical? This list is sure to set you on the right path.

Tech Survival Kit 

First things first, the best gaming setup is obviously a working one. That’s why it’s such a good idea to create yourself a tech survival kit, as shown here by ExpressVPN. Ideal for any kind of gamer, this resourceful kit aids playing on the go and, with versatile components like screwdrivers on hand, enables you to make the necessary modifications to equipment if you’re borrowing from somebody else. This option is especially great for a computer gamer who likes to tinker around with their PC, but is generally good for backing up data with emergency flash drives and also for the assurance of a spare battery pack, should you need a power alternative. From a flashlight and screwdriver to a portable wifi hotspot, it’s up to you to decide what goes in. 

Gaming Headset

Second up is a gaming headset. Because sure, you could game with a pair of wired headphones or even AirPods, but since gaming is such an auditory experience it makes sense to have a headset that enhances the experience. Plus, alongside making the experience more fun, The Guardian claims that having a good quality headset can actually make you a better player thanks to a higher sound quality allowing you to pinpoint the spatial position of sound effects better. 

Comfy Chair

Many gamers spend hours a day sitting at their desk lost in the world of gameplay. This is exactly why it’s so important to get a comfortable chair, not only because they look and feel nicer than your average desk chair, but also because it’s better for your general health and prevents bad posture. Plus, in our growing work-from-home world, this investment can double for a professional setting which makes it a win-win. 

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Backlit Keyboard

The easiest way to make your gaming setup look fancy is through a backlit keyboard. And though recently popularised by Tiktok, gamers know that this has long been a staple in the PC gaming community. Available in single-block colors or with a rainbow effect, some great brands to look out for include the likes of Redragon, Razer, and Perixx, all of which are good options for making your setup more aesthetic and suitable for low-light environments. 

Ergonomic Mouse

And finally, for some of the same reasons as the comfy chair, you should really consider getting an ergonomic mouse. They fit your hand, take less force to use and therefore cause less strain to your muscles, hence preemptively avoiding any issues that might arise from a non-supportive regular mouse. Plus thanks to creators like Logitech, ergonomic mouses can actually look really fashionable too, as evidenced by this Wired article. This means that you don’t need to choose between comfort and style anymore, and can enjoy one mouse that combines both!

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