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Thailand’s eSports Industry is Booming

eSports continues to grow in popularity worldwide, and many countries recognize it as an official sport. In 2022, the global eSports market was valued at over $1.38 billion. Asian countries are also taking the initiative to promote eSports development. One prominent example is Thailand. 

eSports is massive in Thailand and is even recognized by the Thai Government as a professional sport. This is a major boost for eSports, leading to massive benefits for Thailand’s eSports industry and its constituents. This includes access to funding, national honors, promotion, and support to assist with managing events, clubs, and other associations. In this article, we’ll talk about the development of eSports in the country and look at the steps being taken by the government to promote it in the country. 

eSports Recognized as an Official Sport in Thailand 

The Thai eSports Federation (TESF) announced last year that eSports would be recognized as an official sport in Thailand. The organization shared a notice informing the public that eSports is now a recognized sport.

It was big news for the people and organizations in Thailand because it meant that the eSports industry would grow further. The initiative unlocked several benefits for the local eSports segment, including better funding access and more promotions and events. Moreover, eSports teams will be able to acquire funding from the Sports Authority of Thailand, allowing them to participate in international eSports tournaments.

The government’s recognition of eSports was a huge moment for the country. Local governing bodies can now provide considerable resources and support to nurture eSports initiatives.

The eSports industry in Thailand has grown since the government’s announcement last year. Revenue in the eSports market is expected to reach $5.94 million in 2022. Statistics show that revenue will show an annual growth rate of 12.25 percent from 2022 to 2027, which will lead to a projected market volume of $10.58 million by 2027.

The Thai government is also working alongside the TESF on several projects that train employees to comprehend eSports and assist them in organizing competitive events. The Electronic Sports (ESL) One events for Dota 2 and ESL National Tournament events were sponsored by SAT and the Thailand Ministry of Tourist and Sports. 

Thailand Game Show 2022 was also organized to promote eSports in the country. It featured some amazing games, such as Tower of Fantasy, NIKKE: Goddess of Victory, and Warrior of Gods. Government involvement could help Thailand become a prime venue for ESL and Professional Gamers League (PGL) to organize their events. 

The Future of eSports in Thailand

eSports will attract more clients in the future as digital breakthroughs like the 5G network advance. The increased popularity of eSports has attracted many youngsters towards professional gaming as a source of income. 

It’s great to see Thailand’s government promoting eSports in the country, providing professional gamers a chance to put their skills to good use and earn a decent income by competing in international tournaments.

Conventional corporations are also moving into the eSports segments. The telecoms powerhouses have sparked the most interest in Thailand. True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) and Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS) are sponsoring eSports streaming and tournament management to diversify income streams.

There are still certain limitations for the eSports segment in Thailand. The most notable barrier is the traditional attitude of Asian people toward video games. They think of games as a source of juvenile pleasure. However, this stigma associated with video games has started to change as people realize the potential of eSports. Government agencies and colleges are also backing up eSports.

Leading education institutes in Thailand, including Bangkok University, have started to develop eSports curricula, which can help the country generate competitive gamers to represent Thailand internationally.

Final Thoughts

The efforts of Thailand’s government towards promoting eSports in the country are commendable. It’s only been a year since eSports was recognized as a professional sport in Thailand, and we already see the positive impacts of the initiative. 

COVID-19 slowed down the pace of investment in the eSports sector, but community involvement has increased since the pandemic subsided. Competitive events in Thailand will bring more revenue to the eSports sector. 

While much work remains to be done, the future looks promising for the eSports market of Thailand, and predictions point towards the industry’s continued growth.

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