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1707950cookie-checkHow to upgrade the skinning profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

How to upgrade the skinning profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight


How to upgrade the skinning profession in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Since the Dragonflight update, Blizzard has significantly revised and transferred the system of gathering and crafting professions, making their leveling more interesting and easier.

An order system has been added and now many players can both order the creation of items from artisans, and independently upgrade professions and provide a service for crafting weapons, equipment and various materials and parts.

To do this, you need to get level 60 and go to the Dragon Isles. After completing a series of quests on each of the four islands, you will be taken to the capital, hidden in the mountains. In it, you will find a special NPC for taking orders and a craft table nearby for their implementation.

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The benefits of the profession

Having mastered the skills of skinning, you will be able to hunt and convert the skins of dead animals into leather, then sell it to leather workers, or independently manufacture leather goods and auxiliary equipment for artisans of another profession.

You can also create special baits for the fishing profession – universal attracting lures that will help you catch rare fish, useful for creating reagents, or cooking, which significantly increases the overall characteristics of the players who tried it.

Some useful tips about hunting for skins

  1. Several skinners will be able to get skins even from one monster.
  2. You can skin a slain monster that has fallen to other players’ actions, but precludes the possibility of being harvested if there is another skinner in the group.
  3. You can solo run and skin slain monsters that have been slain by other players, but you cannot steal loot from other skinners.

Starting from the 25th level of the profession, you will have access to specialization.

Specialization makes it possible to delve into one of the areas of development of professions and receive additional bonuses.

The Dragonflight upgrade system allows you to gradually learn all specializations, but they will be pumped much longer than the first selected skill, since they will require special Draconic Treatises, which are often obtained from quests and have a cooldown of 7 days. The first specialization will get used to faster, as you will find one-time chests with these treatises.

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Best Race for the Skinning Profession

Despite the fact that the concept of the best race is rather controversial, since the very idea of ​​making a character exclusively for a profession is not the most reasonable – you may soon get tired of skinning, but the character will remain and the bonuses from the race will be relevant at the beginning of the path of becoming a specialist and will not be so noticeable on late game, but it’s up to you.

Draktir is a new race of half-humans, half-dragons who start their journey on the Dragon Isles far in the mountains and master the world of Azeroth to level 10 in a secret place and then go to common locations. They have a base alertness parameter higher than other classes, so they have a slightly higher chance of finding rare items while leveling and gathering skins.

Worgen – have a passive skill flayer, which from the first levels gives them bonuses when working with a skinning knife, but in the future this line and the difference with other classes will be less noticeable.

Stats worth developing to enhance the skinning skill

Each Specialist in their profession now has key stats that will grant bonuses to crafting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gathering or creating profession.

For skinning:

  • Accuracy – Gives a chance to get more materials from one monster.
  • Dexterity – increases the speed of work with a dead animal.
  • Mindfulness – gives a chance to get rare materials when working with skins.

Of course, the most valuable thing will be attentiveness. Rare materials will help you if you decide to go in for leatherworking and will bring you a good income on the market by selling them to other artisans.

Accuracy is useful when you’re working with collecting materials to sell, or replenishing your own consumables. The second most important skill.

Useful equipment

All artisans have received important items that increase the basic characteristics of professions. Each class can craft an item useful to another profession.

Draconite Easy Kazgorite Skinning Knife – crafted by a blacksmith. You can order it through the order system. Increases skinning skill by 6 or 10 points.

Durable, or reinforced backpack – created by a leatherworker and adds accuracy parameters.

Helmet or hat of an experienced skinner – increases the parameters of attentiveness and dexterity.

Don’t worry about forgetting to put on important equipment – the system will put on and take off everything that can improve your farm on its own during the work.

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