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1710242cookie-checkBlue June is one of the most promising upcoming horror games of 2023

Blue June is one of the most promising upcoming horror games of 2023

There are many great horror games releasing this year, from the online multi-player Killer Klowns From Outer Space to the Lovecraftian fishing experience known as Dredge. One game that’s been mostly overlooked is Blue June, an indie horror game being developed by Tiny Dodo. Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2021 with hundreds of backers, Blue June is aiming for a release later 2023 or early 2024. Having played the demo and also being a backer of Blue June, I’m excited to finally get to write about it. Let’s hop into it!


Described on the Steam page and the Kickstarter:

“Blue June is a 2.5D story-driven horror adventure game with elements of exploration, puzzle-solving and stealth.

Play as June, a student of the prestigious Rose Hill Academy, and uncover the truth that lies beneath her recurring nightmares.”

Having played the demo, one of the things I love most about Blue June is the attention of detail Tiny Dodo puts in everything. For example, June wakes from her nightmare wearing her t-shirt pajama and shorts, which was different from what she wore in the dream. (Pictured above.) You have her change to her daytime clothes before leaving to explore the school and attend class. Little realistic details like that are a chefs kiss to me. Moving on towards story and gameplay. From Kickstarter:

A young girl named June is tormented by horrifying nightmares, slowly pulling her into the past. Before long, the real world begins to feel strangely foreign. The colors, sounds, and smells are no longer the same. With every passing day, the dream world seeps into the real one and soon, she might not be able to tell the difference…

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June wakes up in her dorm room

The dormitory building is always full of life and is a great place for June to socialize and meet new friends.

Listening closely to the rumors going around may unfold the mystery that surrounds Rose Hill Academy.

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The dream world is not always a peaceful place, it is brimming with unusual structures, strange people and surreal creatures. Night after night, June battles the same nightmares as she finds herself alone in an ethereal world full of obscurity where her mind no longer seems to be her own.

Delusional or not, she is certain about one thing,

Something mysterious is calling for her, it is time to wake up…

Players will navigate the world as June and interact with her nightmares, people and objects. Puzzles will require a keen eye as they scale with the intensity of June’s nightmares and are designed to integrate into the narrative.


Although the main story path will require casual effort, collectibles and secrets or hidden paths may not be obvious at first.

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Let’s hope it’s not abandoned…

June can carry up to eight items in her simple inventory. Items that are found within the dream world may or may not stay with her when she wakes up…

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Inventory and lockpicking UI

Items can be picked upused and examined for further details which can provide June with useful information about her surroundings.

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Blue June has a strong focus on the characters and the mystery around them. Conversations play an important role when it comes to unfolding the story and may even lead to hidden secrets.

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Cassie, one of June’s close friends from the Academy

June can crouch to enter stealth which makes her less likely to be noticed by the creatures that lurk deep down into the depths of her mind…

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June moves quietly when she crouches


Some have compared the story to Life Is Strange, another beautiful and emotional series. While we don’t know how the story of Blue June will evolve once the full game releases (are the monsters in June’s dreams literal? Or are they manifestations of trauma or something else… or maybe both?) I and other backers are definitely looking forward to experiencing it when it does. I especially like the focus on developing a strong supporting cast and friends for June. Hopefully her friends can help her overcome the terrors she is facing! Until then, we’ll be eagerly awaiting updates on Blue June!

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