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Diablo 4 Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks For When You Go To Hell

As you proceed into the fiery depths of Hell in Diablo 4, danger lurks around every corner.  Survival isn’t assured, especially for those just beginning their journey into the abyss.  This guide provides essential hints and techniques to assist in making you safe via the perilous domains of Diablo Four as a beginner.

Choosing a Character Class: Choose the Right Path to Damnation

Diablo 4

The most crucial decision is to choose a character class.  There are three classes:

  1. Barbarian
  2. Sorceress
  3. Druid

The Barbarian is a melee fighter focused on brute strength and raw power.  The Barbarian is the optimal path for those seeking to crush demons face-to-face.

The Sorceress deals devastating damage from afar using elemental magic.  If you prefer defeating evil through mystical arts, the Sorceress’ path may be for you.

The Druid commanded the forces of nature with both melees and ranged attacks.  The Druid provides an intriguing choice for players wanting flexibility and a connection with nature

Leveling Up Your Hero: How to Gain Power in the Realm of the Dead

Diablo 4

You must level up your hero to gain power and advance in Diablo 4.  This involves gaining experience points (XP) to increase your level, allowing you to unlock more skills and access better gear.  Here are the key ways to gain XP and level up:

  • Complete main story quests and side quests.
  • Defeat enemies. Each enemy you defeat, whether in quests, dungeons, or just roaming the open world, grants you XP.
  • Explore the open world. Uncovering parts of the map, discovering locations, and interacting with environmental objects provide small amounts of XP.
  • Complete achievements and challenges.
  • Play in a group.

Exploring the World: Important Locations You Must Discover

Diablo 4

The Burning Hells

This is where Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal were originally imprisoned before corrupting the mortal realm.  The Burning Hells is a dark, fiery dimension filled with lakes of molten rock and ash.  Demons of all types inhabit this realm, from the lowly Imps to the mighty Balrogs.

Pandemonium Fortress

Pandemonium Fortress acts as a gateway between the mortal realm of Sanctuary and the Burning Hells.  This ominous structure contains portals that demons use to cross over into Sanctuary.

Worldstone Chamber

Deep within Pandemonium Fortress lies the Worldstone Chamber.  This is where the Worldstone once resided before being corrupted and destroyed.


Diablo 4

As you proceed into the depths of Hell in Diablo four, remember that preparation and patience will serve you properly.  The best tip is to equip yourself with the best weapon.  Moreover, do not be afraid to retreat while you’re beaten.  The forces of evil will try to break your will at each turn, but stay focused on your mission!

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