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Dream League Soccer 2023 Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

As a beginner in Dream League Soccer 2023, the numerous options and features in the game can seem overwhelming. You’ll quickly rule the pitch with the appropriate direction. This guide offers essential tips and advice that will enable you to create the team of your dreams, build your abilities, and win the league.

Build Your Dream Team

Dream League Soccer 2023

  • Scout youth academies and free agents for players under 23 with ratings of at least 70. Prioritize the positions you need to fill. Offer multi-year contracts to lock in rising stars.
  • Train your players regularly by selecting the “Train” option. Target specific attributes like speed or shooting to improve by at least 3-5 points per session. Stop training once attributes max out at 99 to avoid wasting time.
  • Play your young players as much as possible to gain experience. Substitute them into matches, start them in cup games, and rotate your lineup. Experience is key to development.
  • Consider loans to give young players more playing time. Look for teams with a playing style similar to yours that will start the player in most matches. One season on a loan can increase attributes by up to 15 points.
  • Once players reach their potential, you’ll have a cost-effective squad capable of competing for titles. You can then make strategic signings to fill any remaining gaps.

Upgrade Your Stadium

Dream League Soccer 2023

  1. To build a world-class Dream League Soccer 2023 stadium, First, increase your stadium’s capacity. A larger stadium means more ticket revenue from matches. You can expand seating sections and add additional tiers to fit more spectators.
  2. Second, improve amenities. Add concession stands, restrooms, and parking to enhance the fan experience.
  3. Third, invest in advanced features like luxury boxes, jumbotrons, and stadium lighting. Luxury suites provide premium seating for dedicated fans and corporate sponsors.
  4. Finally, remember esthetics. A visually impressive stadium with team colors, logos, and an iconic design attracts more fans and boosts team spirit. With regular upgrades and investments, you’ll manage a world-class stadium quickly. Building a legendary home ground is key to success in Dream League Soccer.

Improve Your Tactics

Dream League Soccer 2023

To improve your tactics in Dream League Soccer 2023, focus on the following:

  • Choose a Formation
  • Set Team Instructions
  • Make Substitutions
  • Use Skill Moves
  • Get More Coins and Gems
  • Complete Achievements
  • Watch Ads
  • Open Packs
  • Level Up
  • Complete Objectives


Dream League Soccer 2023

As a Dream League Soccer 2023 beginner, following these essential tips and tricks will set you up for success. Focus on building your team by acquiring high-potential young players and training them to reach their full potential. With practice and patience, you’ll dominate the pitch and move up the ranks in no time. Now get out there and start your career as a football club manager!

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