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GTA 6 release date rumors, news, and speculation

So you’re eagerly awaiting the next Grand Theft Auto franchise installment. Who isn’t? It’s been over five years since GTA V originally launched, so you’re probably wondering when Rockstar will finally announce GTA 6.

The GTA 6 Release Date Rumor Mill


The rumor mill surrounding GTA 6 has been churning for years. With no official announcement from Rockstar Games yet, fans have been left to speculate based on leaks, reports, and the developer’s history.

Some rumors point to a 2023 release date. Rockstar’s typical development cycle and the timing of past GTA releases suggest the next installment could drop within the next couple of years. However, Rockstar may take longer to develop GTA 6 for next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X to maximize their capabilities.

What We Know About GTA 6 From Official Rockstar Announcements


  1. Rockstar has confirmed they’re working on the next Grand Theft Auto game. In a Newswire post earlier this year, Rockstar said, “We are thrilled to verify that the next development for the Grand Theft Auto collection is underway.”
  2. Expect a release date announcement sometime soon. Rockstar is notoriously tight-lipped about release dates. GTA 5 was announced two years before launch, and Red Dead Redemption 2 had a similar long lead time. We’re still far from an official GTA 6 release date.
  3. GTA 6 will release for next-gen consoles. With the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X, it’s safe to assume GTA 6 will launch for those platforms and PC. The added power of next-gen consoles will allow Rockstar to do some amazing things with the open world and gameplay.
  4. The location is still a mystery. Rumors point to a return to Vice City or a new locale based on Rio de Janeiro, but Rockstar hasn’t said anything definitive about where GTA 6 will be set. Where would you like to see GTA 6 take place?
  5. Online multiplayer will likely return. GTA Online has been an enormous success, so it’s nearly guaranteed that GTA 6 will have an online multiplayer component, possibly with an evolving world that changes over time based on player actions, like Fortnite.
  6. No news on the characters or stories yet. We’re as in the dark about GTA 6’s story, characters, and themes as anyone else. But with Rockstar’s track record of crafting engaging, cinematic stories, GTA 6 will surely have a memorable single-player campaign.

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