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The Most Anticipated RPGs Games of 2023

You’ve been waiting for the big RPG games to dive into, and 2023 is shaping up to be a tremendous year for the genre. Whether you’re seeking to embark on an epic fantasy quest or pilot a starship to uncharted worlds, an RPG may be calling your name.

1. The Elder Scrolls VI

rpg game 2023

The Elder Scrolls series has been a pillar of the RPG genre for decades, and the highly anticipated sixth main installment is finally on the horizon. While complete details are still scarce, here’s what we know so far:

  • The massive open world of Tamriel returns. Explore the lush lands of High Rock and Hammerfell, featuring stunning beaches, deserts, and everything in between.
  • Create your character and forge your destiny. Play as a battlemage, stealthy assassin, or noble knight—your choice.
  • Epic quests await. Undoubtedly, there will be a main story campaign along with hundreds of side quests, dungeons, and adventures to embark on.
  • Next-gen graphics. On PC and the latest consoles, TES VI is sure to be a visual beauty that brings the world of The Elder Scrolls to life like never before.
  • Mod support. The modding community has always been a huge part of the series, and TES VI will likely have full mod support to expand the experience even further.

2. Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

The Final Fantasy franchise is a juggernaut, and FFXVI is shaping to be an epic entry.

  • Combat emphasizes action over menus, with Clive wielding various weapons and magic in real-time against foes like goblins, bombs, and the series’ iconic cactus.
  • Summons, or Eikons, play a major role, with Clive able to transform into a fiery phoenix-like creature.
  • The world mixes medieval and Renaissance themes with airships, armored soldiers, and sprawling castles.
  • A moving orchestral score and cinematic cutscenes are a given based on the series’ history. Voice acting and visuals are sure to impress on next-gen hardware.

3. Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age 4, the noticeable sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition, is slated for release in 2023. As an RPG set in the world of Thedas, Dragon Age 4 will probably continue the series’ tradition of:

  • Morally complex storylines with difficult choices shape your character and the world.
  • Memorable companions with backstories and personal quests.
  • Exploring a vast open world and discovering its hidden secrets.

4. Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4

Over 15 years after the original Mass Effect trilogy concluded, BioWare is eventually releasing the next chapter in Commander Shepard’s tale. Mass Effect 4 will launch in late 2023 and introduce new characters and a brand-new storyline within the same universe. While little is known about the plot, you can expect the same blend of sci-fi action, memorable characters, and morality-based decision-making that defines the unique games.

5. Avowed


As the long-awaited sequel to Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity, Avowed is shaping as much as one of the most predicted RPGs of 2023. You can expect the following:

  • An intricate story with meaningful choices and consequences. Obsidian is known for crafting deep narratives and complex characters.
  • Strategic real-time combat is where you control a party of characters with different skills and abilities.
  • A sprawling open world filled with dungeons to delve into, cities to discover, and secrets to uncover.
  • Multiple paths to complete quests and a character progression system that gives you flexibility in how you develop your skills.

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