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Best Indie Games to Play on Steam in 2023

Some of the best indie action games in 2023 on Steam will get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.

  1. Dead Cells is a roguelike Metroidvania where you explore randomly generated levels fighting enemies and collecting loot. You play as a failed alchemical experiment trying to figure out what’s happening on a strange island. Fast, fluid combat and various weapons and skills keep each run feeling fresh.
  2. Katana Zero is a stylish neo-noir action platformer. You play as a samurai assassin who can slow down time in a cyberpunk world. The combat is all about timing your strikes and dodges. A mysterious story unfolds between missions that will keep you guessing. Multiple endings and new games, plus provide replay value.
  3. My Friend Pedro is a surreal action game where you perform stylish moves and stunts in slow motion while listening to instructions from a talking banana named Pedro.
  4. Hotline Miami is a fast-paced action game set in the 80s. You play as a hitman in Miami who wears different animal masks. Each level has you strategizing the best approach to remove all enemies. A pumping synth-wave soundtrack and neon visuals complete the retro feel.
  5. Sable – In this open-world adventure, you explore a desert planet on your hoverbike, uncovering ruins and meeting quirky characters. The art style is gorgeous, and the soundtrack is hypnotic. If you’re looking for a chill experience without combat, Sable delivers.
  6. Tunic – This adorable action adventure stars a fox in a green tunic exploring an island. The gameplay and puzzles pay homage to retro classics. As you progress, you discover the island’s mysteries and decipher an ancient language. Tunic looks like a heartwarming adventure, perfect for all ages.
  7. Space for the Unbound – Set in rural Indonesia, this slice-of-life adventure follows two high school students with supernatural powers. You alternate between the boy and girl, making choices that affect their friendship and the town. A Space for the Unbound should be on your wishlist if you enjoy coming-of-age stories and learning about other cultures.
  8. Oxenfree – In Oxenfree, you play as a rebellious teenager named Alex on a spooky overnight trip to Edwards Island. As Alex and her friends explore an abandoned military base, they discover mysterious radio signals and supernatural events. This 2.5D indie adventure game from Night School Studio has a nostalgic ’80s vibe and coming-of-age story. Oxenfree was originally released in 2016 but will come to Steam in 2023 with additional content.

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