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Sons of the Forest: How to Get the Tuxedo

So you want to look your finest while surviving the forest in Sons of the Forest? Of course, you do. Nothing says style and practicality like a tuxedo. Forget the torn clothes and wild beard; you need to get your hands on the tux.

Locate the Merchant

Sons of the Forest

  • Check the islands’ beaches, jungle paths, and cliffsides after dusk. The merchant only emerges under the cover of night, so do your searching in the evening or at night.
  • Listen for faint but distinct music coming from the dense forest. The merchant announces their arrival with an ominous tune.
  • Barter and haggle aggressively. This vendor drives a hard bargain, so you’ll need to negotiate for a good price on the tuxedo. Offer to trade rare resources, artifacts, or gear you’ve collected.

Once you’ve secured the tuxedo, head to the nearest workbench to equip it. Congratulations, you’re now the dapper survivalist in the forest! Wear it with pride.

Gather the Required Materials

Sons of the Forest

You’ll need to gather a few key materials first to get your hands on the stylish tuxedo in Sons of the Forest. The most important item is cloth. You’ll want high-quality black fabric, preferably wool, cashmere, or a wool blend. About 3 to 4 yards should do the trick for a standard tux. If possible, get material that is specifically meant for formal wear.

Other useful items include:

  • Tailor’s chalk for marking seams
  • Straight pins for securing pieces together before sewing
  • A good sewing machine, hand-sewing needles, and sharp fabric scissors
  • Tuxedo pants or trousers in a matching black fabric
  • A crisp white button-down dress shirt
  • Suspenders or a cummerbund in black
  • Patent leather formal shoes and black socks

Craft the Cloth

Once you have the necessary supplies, it’s time to craft the tuxedo cloth. The tuxedo requires a jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and hat.

You’ll need linen, cotton, leather, and silk cloth which can be purchased from tailors or hunting boars and deer. You’ll also need a sewing kit, thread, buttons, and a top hat.

  • Sew the Pants
  • Create the Jacket
  • Accessorize

Sew the Pieces Together

Sons of the Forest

Now that you have collected all the pieces of the tuxedo, it’s time to sew them together. You’ll need a sewing machine, needle, thread, buttons, zippers, or velcro for the closures.

  • Attach the Pants
  • Sew the Jacket
  • Add the Finishing Touches
    • Sew or iron on the vest panels and attach closure tabs. The vest should extend just below the waist.
    • Attach the bow tie around the collar to complete the look. You can tie the bow tie or use velcro dots for an adjustable option.
    • Add accessories like a handkerchief in the pocket, cufflinks on the shirt sleeves, or a boutonniere to pin on the lapel.

Craft the Missing Pieces

  • Hunt animals like deer, bears, or crocodiles for leather and fur to make jackets, slacks, and shoes.
  • Chop down trees to harvest wood and stones to build a campfire and workbench.
  • Mine metal ores like iron and gold to smelt into ingots used for the cufflinks.
  • Gather cloth from abandoned tents, furniture in houses, or by making your own using rope and leaves.
  • Use the workbench to sew and assemble all the tuxedo parts.

Equip the Finished Tuxedo

Once you have all the elements, open your inventory to equip each piece of the tuxedo-like any other clothing or armor. Enjoy the stat boosts and reactions from other inhabitants as you explore the forest in style! You’ve earned this fancy garb, so flaunt it with pride.

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