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1713913cookie-checkThe Healing Power of Gris: How the Game Tackles Grief and Loss

The Healing Power of Gris: How the Game Tackles Grief and Loss

Have you played Gris yet? Gris is so much more. As you guide the character through her world, you realize this game is about loss, grief, and finding the strength to move on. As the game begins, your character is bright blue, symbolizing a state of innocence. But soon, she loses her voice – shown through the crumbling of her body into pieces. This represents the shock and loss of identity that comes with grieving.

  • The ruins you navigate reflect the fragmentation of your mind and spirit. Puzzles require reconstructing your form to progress, like piecing yourself back together emotionally.
  • The red-cloaked figures that steal light and color represent anguish, sorrow, and rage. Escaping them is escaping those intense, raw emotions.
  • Obtaining the double jump ability signifies a new perspective to see beyond your grief. New paths open up just as your mind opens to comfort and hope.

By the final chapter, blue colors return to the landscape, representing a sense of calm and renewal. Our character sings again for the first time, displaying a quiet strength and serenity gained from her painful journey.

The Transformation of the Landscape Reflects the Protagonist’s Journey to Acceptance


The landscape in Gris evolves as you progress through the game, reflecting the protagonist’s emotional journey. At first, the world is dull and colorless, representing her deep sorrow after losing her voice.

As you advance through the levels, color slowly returns in muted tones. The change is gradual, just like the slow healing process from grief. Sometimes, sadness feels overwhelming again, symbolized by darker, drearier sections. But with each musical puzzle you solve, with each new pathway you forge, it gets a little easier.

Halfway through, warm oranges and reds emerge, bringing a spark of hope and comfort. By the final chapters, vibrant blues and purples illuminate a world transformed. Our heroine has found her voice again, but it’s different now – deeper, more resonant. Her loss has given her a new appreciation for life and music.

Light and Color

  • The world starts dark, bleak, and colorless, much like the fog of early grief.
  • Restoring the first lighthouse and encountering the first colored light block is pivotal. More light and color return with each lighthouse, giving the world nuance again.


The Lighthouses

  • The lighthouses represent sources of comfort, hope, and guidance, like supportive friends and family or spiritual beliefs.
  • Relighting each lighthouse requires navigating obstacles, sometimes circling back, not unlike the twists and turns of the grieving process

The Soothing Music and Sound

Combining emotive piano music and natural ambient sounds creates an immersive experience that stirs feelings of poignancy and reflection. Like a kind, understanding friend, the soundtrack embraces you during your journey through grief and loss.

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