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The Outlast Trials Review – A Perfect Co-op Game

Terror is always better with the company, right? The Outlast Trials seemed perfect – an early-access survival horror game focused on cooperative multiplayer. The Outlast Trials is a pulse-pounding co-op experience and a worthy new entry in the Outlast franchise. Terror has never felt so good.

The Outlast Trials Review: Everything You Need to Know

Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials is the perfect co-op horror game. If you and your friends love getting scared together, this one’s for you.

  • Teamwork is key. You’ll have to work together to solve puzzles, evade threats, and make it through locked doors. Communication and coordination with your teammates will be critical.
  • The atmosphere is terrifying. Dim lighting, creepy sounds, and an ominous
  • The Soviet-era setting will keep you on edge.
  • There’s plenty of replay value. You’ll want to keep coming back to uncover all the scares.
  • Puzzles challenge you at every turn. From decoding cryptic messages to rerouting power and unlocking sealed doors, the puzzles require teamwork and problem-solving to overcome.

A Terrifying Co-Op Experience Like No Other

Outlast Trials

This game is the first one with multiplayer options. Team up with up to 4 friends and try to survive the nightmares within the Murkoff Corporation.

Once you start the game, you’ll be locked in a facility with terrifying creatures and dangerous experiments around every corner. The goal is simple: work together to find clues and solve puzzles to escape before something finds you. The environments are dark, creepy, and disorienting, testing your ability to navigate claustrophobic halls and stay together.

Challenging Puzzles and Survival Mechanics

Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials provides challenging puzzles and survival mechanics to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Limited Resources
  • Environmental Puzzles
  • Evasive Stealth

Gorgeous and Gory Visuals

The Outlast Trials is a visual treat, though not for the faint of heart. The graphics are gorgeously gory, with hyper-realistic environments and details that make the scares much more effective.

Photorealistic Graphics

The graphics in The Outlast Trials are photorealistic, meaning everything from the dilapidated hallways of the asylum to the ominous medical equipment looks incredibly lifelike. The realistic visuals are key to the game’s atmosphere of dread and make the jump scares feel genuinely terrifying.

Grizzly Gore Galore

  • Bodies found hanging, torn to shreds, or with missing limbs are frequent discoveries.
  • Blood splatters, splashes, and pools, especially after combat, coat the environment.
  • The Variants also appear bloodied and bandaged, adding to the unsettling atmosphere. Enjoy the game with your teammates!

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