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Beginners Guide to Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty (COD) is a popular esports game packed with intense action and realistic gameplay that makes your entire experience exciting. Since its launch by Infinity Ward and Activision, this first-person shooter (FPS) game continues to amass millions of dedicated players globally.


It is easy to start playing with a PlayStation, an Xbox, or a gaming PC. However, you need more than a playing console to participate in competitive tournaments, especially against seasoned veterans. There are different ways to approach each mission, and the game has a big open map for players to explore. However, there is no going back once you get in the action. It’s all intense firefights where you either kill or get killed. You won’t get any chance for downtime in between missions, and this can be overwhelming, especially for newbies.


This review provides some valuable tips for beginners looking to join the League of Modern Warfare veterans. You must understand the progression system, survival skills, unlocking weapons, and what to do to earn more points and level up.


Understand the Basics and Adjust Your Game Settings

If you are setting up a gaming console for the first time or are a beginner playing COD, you must first understand the basics. This includes how the console works, the most suitable settings for graphics, hand controller, or keyboard, for the game to work smoothly and give you the best experience. In the same way, while you are playing other games, there are reviews of online casinos that provide valuable information on how to configure your gameplay. You can also find fruitful guides on where to find the games and how they work, payment methods, and bonuses.


You want to start by adjusting the look sensitivity considering that it is an FPS game. Although it has pros and cons, it helps find a balance. For instance, high sensitivity means snappier aims and a faster camera turn rate. However, it is also easier to lose control and more challenging to get your aim right.


Lower sensitivity, on the other hand, gives you easy mastery and more control over weapon usage. But it makes the gameplay feel sluggish and may put you at a disadvantage, especially when playing against other players that have mastered the control of the high sensitivity mode.


Learn How to Aim and Shoot

To compete at the highest level, you must understand how to make your weapon a part of you. Depending on the gun in use, you must understand the recoil pattern. With that, you can’t just go about shooting aimlessly. For each target you miss, there is a chance that you will get hit while waiting for the subsequent recoil. If possible, being able to pre-aim or predict the enemy’s next move offers an even more significant advantage. Learn the recoil pattern for the weapon for improved control and accuracy.


You can also shoot an enemy without using the gun’s telescope. It is called hip-fire shooting and is suitable in close to medium-distance combat situations. It is faster, although not ideal for all grades of weapons. If you have dual-welded Sidearms, shotguns, or SMGs, it’s a good fit. But, if the enemy is far away, the ADS (Aim Down Sights) allows for a more precise and controlled shooting.


Understand and Practice Your Movement

Depending on whether you are using a joystick or a gaming keyboard on a PC, understanding your movement is crucial to staying alive. First, it can affect how fast you move using the map to complete your missions. Dolphin dives, and slides are essential to help you reach certain areas that can further extend your chances of survival.


In Modern Warfare 2, the expanded vertical movement system allows you to hang off ledges while your sidearm is still equipped. You can stealthily sneak up on enemies from different angles in this mode. Standing gives up your location to the enemy quickly. However, it lets you get a quick look and an accurate shot. Crouching also improves your aim but restricts movement. The prone position is the safest but renders you almost immobile until you get up. Finding a balance between these positions is crucial to staying alive.


Other things you must understand as you master your movement are knowing when to walk and sprint. Sprinting is noisier than walking and can give your location away from enemies. If you must sprint, ensure that it is tactical, with your weapons pointed vertically and ready to engage.


Get Familiar with the Game Mode

Call of Duty Modern Warfare comes in different game modes with varying objectives. For instance, Prisoner Rescue aims to rescue or eliminate an opposing team in a hostage rescue situation. Another mode can be the Team Deathmatch, where your target is an opposing team. The first to reach 75 kills wins the game. Before you start playing, it is vital to understand the mission, as that will help you develop a winning strategy. Other popular COD game modes include Ground War, Knock Out, and Hardpoint.


Understand Vehicle Controls

If you are playing in the Ground War Mode, you can’t just walk and sprint to cover the larger area in the warzone map. You need vehicles and other transport mediums to navigate the site. There are land vehicles primarily for transporting troops via road, typically SUVs and ATVs. They are faster but offer little to no protection. However, tanks and lorries are slower but provide more security and firepower. Depending on your location, there are also provisions for boats and air vehicles.


If you are the driver, you must pay attention to the vehicle’s health via the icons on display. You don’t want to remain inside a damaged vehicle while it explodes because that’s game over. If you are attacking a car, start with the tires, especially if you don’t have anti-vehicle weapons like RPGs.


Final Thoughts

A newbie today can be a veteran gamer in no time. However, it takes time and regular practice. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an immersive FPS game available in multiple modes. So far, we have highlighted a few tips that can guide you from beginner to pro.


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