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The Best Dueling Weapons in Elden Ring: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you prepared to embark on epic one-on-one battles in Elden Ring? Mastering the art of dueling is a path paved with skill and strategy. One crucial aspect that can tip the scales in your favor is wielding the finest weapons at your disposal.

For newcomers eager to seize the advantage, we present a curated selection of the most formidable dueling weapons within Elden Ring’s mystical realm. This comprehensive guide not only introduces you to these weapons but also provides a step-by-step walkthrough on acquiring each one, ensuring you’re well-equipped for the intense challenges that lie ahead.

Unveiling the Best Dueling Weapons

1. Bloody Helice: Unleash a Torrent of Blood

Engage your foes with the Bloody Helice, a remarkable sword capable of dealing devastating blood and physical damage. Its unique attribute allows you to perform a whirlwind of blood, inflicting unparalleled harm upon your adversaries.

To secure this exceptional weapon, venture to the Writhe Blood Ruins nestled within the Altus Plateau region. There, a formidable opponent known as the Sanguine Noble awaits your challenge. Overcome this adversary to uncover the Bloody Helice within a concealed chest, deep within the dungeon’s heart.

2. Pike: Impale with Precision

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For those seeking a more precise approach, the Pike offers the means to puncture enemies with its formidable thrust damage. The specialized skill of this elongated spear empowers you to impale adversaries with unmatched accuracy.

Journey to the Courtyard of Stormveil Castle in Limgrave, where the Pike awaits its worthy wielder. As you traverse the castle grounds, seize the opportunity to loot the fallen and claim this potent weapon as your own.

3. Zweihander: Unleash Devastation

Are you yearning for raw power? Look no further than the Zweihander, a sword renowned for its staggering damage potential and wide swing arc. With the ability to cleave through enemies with ease, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with.

To add the Zweihander to your arsenal, seek out the Isolated Merchant residing within the Weeping Peninsula. A mere payment of thirty-five hundred ruins secures this powerhouse. Embark on the journey from South Limgrave, traversing the bridge to reach the merchant’s abode. Keep in mind that wielding the Zweihander in battle requires a strength of nineteen and dexterity of eleven.

4. Blasphemous Blade: Embrace the Dark

Steeped in shadowy potency, the Blasphemous Blade beckons to faith-based players. Its malevolent power lies in dealing dark damage and staggering enemies through a sinister vortex.

The path to acquiring this blade leads to the Roundtable Hold, where a meeting with Enia sets the stage. Exchange the Remembrance of Blasphemous for this enigmatic weapon, solidifying your dominion over the forces of darkness.

5. Misericorde: Dagger of Destiny

When precision and critical strikes are your allies, the Misericorde dagger emerges as an ideal choice. With its exceptional critical and physical damage potential, it becomes a beacon of lethality in your dueling endeavors.

Seek out the legacy dungeon of Limgrave, concealed within the confines of Stormveil Castle. Among the remains of fallen warriors, the Misericorde dagger awaits its destined owner. Employ its unique backstabbing capabilities to leave your opponents awestruck and defeated.

Carve Your Legend in Elden Ring’s Duels

The journey to dueling supremacy in Elden Ring is paved with the mastery of exquisite weapons. Each blade, spear, and dagger holds the potential to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

By seizing the opportunity to wield these exceptional instruments of combat, you align yourself with victory’s embrace. As you set forth on your quest, remember that the path to dominance requires not only the right weaponry but also the finesse and strategy to wield them effectively. Unleash your inner duelist, and etch your name among the legends of Elden Ring.

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