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How Online Gambling Has Become More Social

Brick-and-mortar casinos always promise a great time—the bright lights, the buzzing crowd, and the sound of thousands of games and friendly conversations happening at once. While online gambling has been around since the 1990s, it was initially missing most of the excitement and social aspect of an in-person casino.

These days, however, online casinos have found many ways to increase players’ enjoyment of games in the convenience of their own homes—especially as part of an engaging social experience. 

Live Casinos

One of the earliest ways online casinos recreated the social element of gaming was by introducing live, real-time casino games. The first live online casino game launched in the late 1990s. However, the idea was quickly abandoned due to technological and bandwidth limitations.

It wasn’t until 2006 that online gambling sites revisited the idea of introducing real-time games. The newer technologies helped online casinos better emulate the atmosphere and experience of being in a physical casino.

At the same time, live casino games helped improve the sociability of online gambling by allowing players to engage and communicate with the dealer and other players. This led to more social interaction while playing. 

Friendly Fun

Online casinos aren’t the only form of gambling that is encouraging more social behavior among players. Sports betting, which had been banned outright in the US before 2018, is also making significant strides in getting people to enjoy gambling together. 

While social interaction often occurs online, studies have shown that bets placed with bookmakers are also often discussed among friends and family. These discussions can lead to lighthearted betting in person as well. 


Competition brings people together to participate and watch the battle of skills. Many of the best online casinos operate competitions in which gamblers pit their skills (and luck) against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Where casinos allow forums or chat functionality, these competitions often include friendly banter between players. This enables people from around the country—or the other side of the world—to engage with each other over their shared love of gambling and attempts to prove themselves the best.

Gambling Community

One of the most significant ways online gambling has helped foster greater social interaction is through establishing a global community. This community includes players from every nation where gambling is legal—and even some where it isn’t.

Players often take to forums to discuss their gambling prowess, share tips and tricks, celebrate wins or lament losses, and provide their opinions about casinos and games. 

Online casino review websites form a pivotal part of this community. These sites post honest and objective reviews about the latest and best online gambling sites and often have comment sections at the bottom. Here, players can share their first-hand experiences with others and answer each other’s questions.  

Social Casinos

Since 2016, social casinos have been growing in number and popularity. These platforms mimic traditional online casinos with their extensive offering of casino games that allow users to earn free sweeps coins. These casinos are not about spending and winning real money; instead, they provide a unique form of free entertainment. 

Hosting leaderboards and community forums, these casinos allow players to compete against each other to rank higher. Many of these casinos have also created a social environment where players can actively engage and interact with each other. 

Some games offered by these casinos can be found on social media platforms like Facebook. Players can share significant wins with their connections and even invite their friends to play—further expanding the games’ social reach. 

In addition to boosting the social experience of gambling, these casinos also contribute a considerable amount to economies around the world. Thanks to advertising in some of the most popular games, like Zynga’s Poker, the social casino industry was worth $6.2 billion annually by 2020.


From live dealer games that allow player interaction to the latest social casinos that have made free fun accessible to more players than ever, the online gambling industry has made enormous strides toward inclusivity and improved social dynamics. As a result, the casino industry is now home to a global community of players who share a love of the game and for the thrill of placing a bet. 

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