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1890290cookie-checkWhat is the best Sandevistan for a katana?

What is the best Sandevistan for a katana?

When building a character focused on using a katana in Cyberpunk 2077, choosing the right Sandevistan cyberware is crucial to maximize damage output. The Sandevistan cyberware allows the user to briefly move and attack at incredible speeds by manipulating their perception of time. This pairs extremely well with katanas, which rely on quick slashes to dispatch enemies rapidly. But with several Sandevistan variants available, which one is the best for boosting katana capabilities?

Overview of Sandevistan Cyberware

Sandevistan cyberware is installed in the nervous system and works by stimulating the user’s neural architecture to accelerate their perception of time to superhuman levels. When active, the world appears to move in slow motion from the user’s perspective, allowing them to react and move much faster than normal.

There are several different quality grades of Sandevistan available:

  • Zetatech Sandevistan – Top tier, very rare and expensive
  • Dynalar Sandevistan – High quality, obtainable for high level characters
  • Fuyutsuki Sandevistan – Decent budget option

Higher quality Sandevistans provide greater perception boosts and quicker cooldowns between uses. But they come at a high cost.

Why Sandevistan Works Well With Katanas

Katanas rely on quick slashes and mobility to dispatch enemies rapidly. The katana’s razor-sharp blade is designed for fast, lethal strikes rather than brute force.

Sandevistan complements this beautifully by allowing the user to move and attack much quicker than normal. This enables getting in multiple slashes with the katana before the enemy can even react.

The key benefits of using Sandevistan with a katana include:

  • Increased attack speed – More swings per second to deal damage quickly
  • Enhanced mobility – Swiftly move between targets to strike rapidly
  • Improved evasion – Dodge bullets and attacks with heightened reflexes

Proper timing of Sandevistan activation enhances the katana’s strengths tremendously. Slowing down the world makes it possible to maneuver around the enemy for targeted dismembering slashes before they realize what’s happening.

Zetatech Sandevistan – The Best for Katanas

The Zetatech Sandevistan is widely regarded as the best grade of Sandevistan cyberware for boosting katana capabilities. Here’s why it’s so effective:

  • Massive 50% time dilation effect – Perception boosted to incredible levels
  • Powerful mid-air attack damage bonus – +30% damage when attacking while slowed down
  • Quick cooldown – Ready to trigger again in just 3 seconds after use
  • Uncommon quality – Extremely rare and expensive due to top-tier specs

No other Sandevistan allows you to slice and dice through enemies as swiftly as the Zetatech model. The massive 50% slowdown paired with the mid-air damage bonus enable devastating surgical strikes with the katana before anyone can react.

Since katanas rely on mobility and well-placed attacks, being able to maneuver freely in the air while dishing out 30% more damage is perfect. Enemies will drop like flies as you zoom around the battlefield slashing with reckless abandon!

Dynalar Sandevistan – A Close Second

The Dynalar Sandevistan is nearly as effective as the Zetatech model for katanas, with a few key differences:

  • 33% time dilation effect – Slightly lower than Zetatech
  • Increased critical hit chance/damage – Great for katanas
  • 8 second cooldown – Longer than Zetatech’s 3 seconds

With a 33% time dilation, the Dynalar Sandevistan still provides superhuman reflexes and movement speed to enable rapid katana strikes.

The bonus to critical hit chance and damage synergizes wonderfully with katanas. Scoring critical hits allows precisely placed strikes to cleave limbs and decapitate enemies in one blow.

The main downside is the longer cooldown. But the Dynalar Sandevistan still turbo-charges katana capabilities to tear through enemies with grace and precision.

Budget Pick – Fuyutsuki Sandevistan

For more budget-minded builds, the Fuyutsuki Sandevistan provides a solid bang for buck option:

  • 25% time dilation – Lower bonus than top tiers
  • Uncommon quality – Obtainable without breaking the bank
  • 5 second cooldown

While not as powerful as the top-tier Zetatech or Dynalar models, the Fuyutsuki variant still allows enhanced katana capabilities on a budget.

The 25% time dilation grants a noticeable boost to mobility and attack speed to enable quick flurries of sword slashes. And with just a 5 second cooldown, you’ll be able to trigger it frequently.

For lower level characters or those short on funds, the Fuyutsuki is a great entry-level Sandevistan to supercharge katana damage. It offers solid cyberware performance without the extreme price tag of the top models.

Honorable Mentions

While Zetatech, Dynalar, and Fuyutsuki are the best Sandevistan variants for katanas, a few others are worth mentioning:

  • Chendo Sandevistan – 20% time dilation and 8 second cooldown
  • Toyama Sandevistan – 30% time dilation and +25% evasion during slowdown
  • Tabula E-Rasa – Reflex Tuner mod lowers Sandevistan cooldown

The Chendo offers a budget 20% slowdown effect, while the Toyama boosts evasion which helps avoid damage while darting around slashing rapidly.

Installing the Tabula E-Rasa mod lowers the cooldown on any installed Sandevistan, allowing more frequent time dilation effects.

While not as optimal as the top options, these can serve as replacements if the ideal picks are unavailable.

To fully capitalize on the capabilities of Sandevistan cyberware, these katanas pair excellently:

  • Satori – Powerful crit damage and builds combo stacks quickly
  • Scalpel – Increased damage against stunned/slowed enemies
  • Yukimura – High damage and chance to apply bleed DoT
  • Jinchu-Maru – Grants additional bonuses during Sandevistan slowdown

Satori is arguably the best katana to use with Sandevistan due to its critical hit damage and stackable combo bonuses that build rapidly during the slowed down state.

The Scalpel gets a direct damage bonus against slowed enemies, while the Yukimura has a chance to apply a devastating bleed DoT.

The Jinchu-Maru is specifically designed to enhance Sandevistan bonuses further, making it a powerful pairing.

No matter which katana you wield, Sandevistan cyberware takes its damage potential to the next level. Enemies will be shredded to pieces before they can even perceive the blade slicing through them!

Optimal Playstyle Tips

Here are some tips to maximize your effectiveness using a Sandevistan-focused katana build:

  • Activate Sandevistan right before engaging enemies for the element of surprise. The sudden slowdown coupled with rapid slashes will overwhelm their defenses.
  • Use ranged weapons like throwing knives to initiate combat and build combo stacks before going in for melee kills.
  • Combine with Kerenzikov for even greater slowdown effects and maneuverability by chaining dashes.
  • Target weak points like heads and limbs to dismember enemies rapidly during the slowed down state.
  • Don’t waste the effect – Conserve Sandevistan uses for when you’re surrounded or against powerful foes.
  • Get up close and personal – The most lethal katana strikes come from point blank range during the dilation.
  • Move unpredictably – Dart around enemies in erratic patterns so they can’t track you.

Mastering these attack patterns will enable you to become a cybernetically enhanced slayer, carving through enemies like a hot knife through butter!


To summarize, the Zetatech Sandevistan is the best cyberware option for katana users due to its immense 50% time dilation effect and airborne damage bonus.

The Dynalar Sandevistan is a close second, providing boosted critical hit chance/damage which pairs extremely well with katanas.

On a budget, the Fuyutsuki Sandevistan offers solid performance at a more affordable price point.

No matter which variant you choose, Sandevistan cyberware enables unparalleled mobility, attack speed, and precision with katanas. Enemies will be decimated before they know what hit them when you slow down time and unleash a unrelenting flurry of lethal sword strikes!

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