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1417480cookie-checkTekken 7 Gameplay Video Introduces New Counter-Attacks

Tekken 7 Gameplay Video Introduces New Counter-Attacks

Bandai Namco released the newest trailer for Tekken 7 featuring some of the new characters, the new moves and a brand spanking new counter-attack system that enables players to charge through an opponent’s combo and retaliate with their own devastating beatdown. The trailer runs for just over three minutes and features plenty of hard-hitting fisticuffs.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak Japanese so a lot of the features, modes and upgrades discussed in the trailer are mostly lost on me. Sorry.

However, I still have my eyes and they can perfectly see what some of the newness looks like in Tekken 7, including two of the new pugilists who have joined the roster, as well as the new customization features and stages that have been added to the game. You can see it in action below from YouTuber SoloKazama.

So yeah, what do you think of Claudio and Katarina?

Claudio reminds me of Maxi from Soul Calibur fused with Zack from Final Fantasy VII, and Katarina looks like she comes right out of Dead or Alive.

As for fighting styles? Both of them seem to be okay. I’m not entirely impressed with their movesets, based on what I’ve seen so far. There’s nothing terribly distinctive about them… not yet, anyway.

The interactive stages are still intact, so if you enjoyed blasting your opponent through walls, floors, objects and everything else in between, you can continue to do so to your heart’s content.

A lot of people commenting in the video were also under the impression that since the video was labeled as “Xbox One” and “PS4” that it didn’t mean PC. Well, way back in July Epic Games sort of slipped on some spaghetti and spilled the beans about the game arriving on PC.

The common sense thing to do these days – when building on the Unreal, CryEngine or Unity 3D engine – is to lead on the PC first and then port to the consoles. It’s rare these days for developers to lead on the consoles and then port-back to PC when they’re running on the Unreal Engine or Unity.

Also, Bandai Namco has been rather fervent in keeping releases coming steadily and consistently on PC, as evidenced by games like Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and the upcoming Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

If Bandai Namco doesn’t pull any silly shenanigans with Tekken 7 releasing on PC, then I’ll be one happy camper. Need to learn more? Feel free to hit up the official website.

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