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GTA 5 Online Heist: Series A Funding Walkthrough Guide

A complete walkthrough containing all the elite challenges in GTA V’s online heist for Series A Funding has gone live, enabling gamers to see what they have to do and how they have to do it in order to get through each segment as efficiently as possible.

GTA V’s online heists have been very popular since going live for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4. If you’re looking for a complete walkthrough guide of the Series A Funding series of heists, you came to the right place.

GTA Series Videos recently posted up an hour long video of the Series A Funding heist featuring Trever and Ron. You can check out the entire video below.

There are three starting segments that must be completed before the other mission parameters open up. Up first is the Series A Coke Run. You’ll have to steal the coke from a yacht owned by frat boys off the coast near Del Perro. You’ll have to attack the yacht from the air and sea. So two players will have to grab a helicopter and two players will need to get a boat. These are fairly easy to commandeer and there is no opposition getting the vehicles.

Once you get to the yacht, which is fairly simple, just take out the armed guards and get the drugs. The yacht looks very similar to the one from Max Payne 3, so it’s not just a simple little boat. If the four of you work together and blast down the opposition fast and furiously, you just have to get the packets and head back to the helicopter and drop the goods off at the warehouse as it’s marked on the map.

The next segment in the Series A heist includes grabbing a trash truck and going around picking up molly pills from the trash bags from the Vagos drug drop off points. Just follow the standard routes and pick up the trash bags at the designated pick-up points. When the Vagos arrive to take you out, just do what they do in the video and use rockets to blow them before they get into position to flank you. If you don’t have rockets, just use grenades. If you don’t have grenades just aim for the gas tanks.


This mission is fairly straightforward and so long as you and your mates use teamwork to prevent them from flanking you, it should be fairly easy. Just watch out for Vagos coming through the tight alleyways as they attempt to pick you off from behind. One thing worth doing is checking your map for vehicles and blasting them down before they have a chance to get to your position.

The third task before heading into the elite territory requires you to sneak into the Lost M.C., camp and steal their vans with meds in it. Sounds easy enough, eh?

Actually, the start of the mission is pretty easy; you just drive to Trevor’s location and pick up the silenced weapons. You drive to the boat and then drive the boat to the Lost’s camp. It’s really straightforward. The trick, however, is in the silenced takedowns. You’ll need to perform tandem takedowns at some points and make sure all the guards are incapacitated before you can steal the vans.

Once the guards are taken out just grab the vans and race out of the camp toward the meeting point under the freeway.

After completing that segment, the next step is getting weed. This is the fourth mission in the Series A Funding heist. This mission requires players to head to the sawmill in Paleto Bay, grab some of the weed from the Ballas and use the pickup truck to hightail it out of there and get it to Ron at the warehouse.


Once you get to the location have two people get the trucks and two people man the pickup truck with the turret gun. It’s basically Terminator at this point with some rowdy drive-and-gun action with the massive turret cannon on the back.

If you’re really good, the two truck drivers can power down the side of the mountain to cut the travel time down. Just make sure the pickup is there to clear out the road blocks.

The fifth mission on the chart is stealing meth. You have to get a tanker of the meth from the O’Neil brothers and bring it to the meth chef at the gas station.

Once you drive to the ranch you’ll have to take out all the meth dealers in and around the ranch. They’re not particularly difficult if you storm the area and watch each others’ backs. It’s also probably wise to have two people go into the house to clear it out and avoid someone mistakenly getting hit in the head.

Grab one of the semi trucks around the ranch and then hook it up to the meth tank. Drive the tanker out of the meth ranch and follow the highlight to the gas station.


The final mission in the heist is quite easy. You go to the warehouse, you get into position, you hold out by killing the enemies and then you make your exit. It doesn’t require any of the stealth hijinks from the prison break or the Humane Labs missions, so that makes a heck of a lot more convenient.

As noted in the video, if you want to score the “Time” bonus object on the Elite challenge, you’ll need to break off into two teams and head north and south and get to the destination as quickly as possible, preferably using motorcycles.

A few tactics for setting up a defensive position against enemies include positioning the pickup truck with the turret gun where a second player can nail ground and vehicular enemies. Rocket launchers, grenade launchers or mini-guns would be useful to take out the foes quickly.

It’s suggested by the GTA Series Videos to keep your inventory item screen open at all times and keep it highlighted on the body armor (if you have any – though it’s advised you stock up before each segment) this way every time you get hit or lose a significant amount of armor you can easily replenish it.

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