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Overwatch Video Previews Tracer

Blizzard released a new gameplay video featuring 60fps at 1080p – they seem to make it very apparent about the specs in each video release – of the fast and flashy character named Tracer. She’s a quirky, quick character with two pistols that fire faster than the pistons of Jeff Gordon’s Chevy.

The video is a heck of a lot shorter than the other promo vids for some of the other characters, in fact it’s only about half the length of Hanzo’s video. Why? Well, Tracer manages to get a massive kill-streak and proves she’s a serious force to be reckoned with in the MOBA-style team-shooter. Check out the video below.

One of the top comments on the YouTube page? From Freddie TF2…

“Daaaayum, that was intense. Tracer looks like a lot of fun, but I can imagine playing against a good Tracer player will be a nightmare, haha.”

There’s a massive debate about the character’s simplicity to play and how overpowered she might be. I think her ability to quick dash and teleport in as well as rewind time could be deadly in the hands of a skilled player, but being able to land the bomb and get out before getting wiped is key.

Keep in mind that Tracer also can’t scale buildings. So an expert Hanzo character will always have a positional advantage over Tracer in each stage. I’m not really sure how a Tracer stops a Hanzo unless she can get in close when he isn’t looking, and assuming he’s in a reachable place.

Overwatch: Tracer

The other drawback is the spread of her twin guns and rapid-fire rate that depletes the ammo faster than a bucket of quarters in the hands of a retired banker at a Las Vegas slot convention. And she has very low life… a few hits and she’s down faster than Alistair Overeem without ‘roids.

If you notice most of Tracer’s kills are tough when she isn’t being supported by other teammates, so opposite of McCree, Zarya and Hanzo, she’s more of a disruptive character than a straightforward DPS.

Also, her guns’ constant need to reload surely play a heavy part in her ability (or inability) to down foes. I agree that in the hands of a time-conscious, and position-aware expert that Tracer could be next to nigh impossible to kill. But at the same time, a player spending more time zooping around trying to avoid being hunted down instead of helping teammates could prove to be more of a setback than an advantage.

Either way, I’m sure Tracer will be very popular to play once the game heads into open beta and I’m sure she’ll be equally popular with the Rule34 crowd.

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