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1414570cookie-checkDying Light Item Duplication Glitch For September 2015 Surfaces
17 September 2015
1.4 min read

Dying Light Item Duplication Glitch For September 2015 Surfaces

Techland has been patching Dying Light regularly and adding hotfixes to the game to address some of the cheating and Dying Light Item Duplication Glitch in the game. Well, YouTubers won’t rest when it comes to exploiting Dying Light and finding item duplication glitches for the game.

So basically you make sure that the online mode is enabled, either publicly or privately.

Next, go into your inventory and select an item that you have stored that has more than 100 in the stack. The more you have the more you’ll be able to duplicate. Once you select that item leave it on the “Add to Storage” screen where it asks you how many of the items you want to store. Don’t close out that screen.

From there you’ll need to go into the home screen on the PS4 or the system settings for the Xbox One and disable the network; turn it off and then turn it back on.

Re-enter the game and it should show a “Connection Lost” tab behind the item storage tab. It should look like in the screenshot below.

Dying Light Duplication Glitch

Press ‘X’ or the ‘A’ button to close out the “Connection Lost” tab and then press ‘X’ or ‘A’ again to enter into the storage stack where you can select items from your inventory.

Next, hover over the item you want to duplicate and press accept.

Press triangle on the PlayStation controller or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller to “Store All” the selected item.

As you can see in the video, it made as many jewelry boxes as he had coffee. So if you want 9999999 axes, you can do that.

That’s it. From there you can rinse and repeat that method to duplicate items in Dying Light, following all the hotfixes and patches to the game to fix the duplication problem.